Today's Podiatrist: Lee Rogers, DPM

Saving Limbs and Saving Lives through Surgery and ResearchLee Rogers, DPM

George Bernard Shaw once said, "Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself." Dr. Lee Rogers has taken that quote to heart and found a way not only to create himself, but also to save lives as he and his colleagues work to create amputation prevention centers across the country.

Currently, there are 24 million Americans with diabetes. Across our country, doctors are working to stem this tide and to prevent the nearly 100,000 amputations that occur yearly, mostly on those with diabetes. As part of a dynamic team of vascular surgeons and other specialists dedicated to preventing amputations in people with diabetes, Dr. Rogers is currently serving as the associate medical director of the Amputation Prevention Center at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Rogers is a native of Gallatin, Missouri, a rural town of 2,000 people. He received his college education at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri, where he majored in exercise science. He found himself drawn to biomechanics and physiology and soon realized (with the help of his pre-med advisor) that these areas were an appropriate precursor to podiatric medicine.

He attended the College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery in Des Moines, Iowa, graduating in 2004 with his DPM degree. After residency in podiatric medicine and surgery at Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers in New York, Dr. Rogers completed a fellowship in Diabetic Limb Preservation and Research at the Center for Lower Extremity Ambulatory Research (CLEAR) in Chicago, Illinois. It was during his fellowship that the need for such a focused specialization became evident to Dr. Rogers.

"As a podiatrist, you can mold yourself through your education to become anything you like. You can be a scientist, a clinician, a surgeon, and author—anything, as long as you have the drive. You create your own opportunities."

With the use of many state-of-the-art tools to salvage limbs, including a 3-D wound camera, hydro-scalpels, and thermal imaging, Dr. Rogers and the team at Valley Presbyterian are building a partnership between DPMs and other physicians. The program offers a highly integrated center which Dr. Rogers and the others hope to replicate across the country. "The emphasis this hospital is placing on podiatric care as the center for limb salvage is innovative and ground-breaking."

Dr. Rogers extends his creativity to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), where he serves as the chair of the Foot Council. The purpose of this council is to establish national standards for foot care and to develop education programs in foot care management, promote clinical and scientific research into diabetic foot disease, and foster national and international collaboration between agencies concerned with diabetes research and programs geared toward amputation prevention.

Dr. Rogers has over fifty publications in print or in press and has been the investigator on over twenty clinical trails. He has been interviewed by US News & World Report and has appeared on "The Doctors," a daytime medical information program on CBS.

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