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Diabetes: A Path to Poor Circulation?

Path to Poor CirculationHealth-care providers often educate their patients with diabetes about how neuropathy can lead to diabetic ulcers that can in many cases lead to a lower leg amputation.

However, many diabetic patients are unaware of their increased risk for vascular disease.

Vascular disease is an abnormal condition of the blood vessels. Blocked or narrowed blood vessels, including arteries and veins, can lead to vascular disease. Diabetes, even if it is well-managed, is a risk factor for developing vascular disease, such as peripheral arterial disease. 

Take a step in the right direction by having your feet checked regularly by a podiatrist. Podiatrists are the most qualified doctors to care for your feet, based on their education, training, and experience! When you add a podiatrist to your health-care team, he or she can provide you with important information so you're able to better manage the the effects of diabetes on your feet.

Whether you've recently been diagnosed or have been fighting the disease for years, the resources below will help you to monitor your feet and prevent complications.

For Patients:
  • An Overview
    What is diabetes? What is peripheral arterial disease? What is peripheral neuropathy? What is a diabetic foot ulcer?
  • Diabetes and Your Feet FAQs
    Recently diagnosed with diabetes? Don’t worry—we’ve got answers to several common questions. En Español
  • Your Diabetes Management Team
    Successfully managing diabetes takes a team of medical professionals. Learn about the importance of each one. En Español
  • Learn the Signs of Vascular Ulcers
    Vascular disease can commonly appear in the form of an ulcer. Learn the different signs and symptoms of each one.  
  • The Link Between Diabetes and Vascular Disease
    Today's Podiatrist explains why diabetics should know the signs of vascular disease in these videos
  • The Real Cost of Diabetes
    This infographic sheds light on the costs associated with diabetes and diabetic foot complications.
  • Footwear Matters
    Dr. Comfort created this infographic to demonstrate the benefits of therapeutic footwear for patients with diabetes. 
  • Foot Health Advice for Patients with Diabetes
    Spenco Medical put together this flyer with tips for managing foot health at home.
  • Diabetes Footwear and Products
    View our podiatrist-approved products for managing and treating diabetes.
  • Outsmarting Diabetes
    Take a look at this suite of videos that highlight how today's podiatrists are developing and using smart medicine to help their patients with diabetes.
  • Join the Conversation
    Follow us on TwitterFacebookGoogle+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to hear more about topics related to diabetes and foot health year-round.
For APMA Members:
  • Digital Toolkit
    Contact APMA's Communications Department to request a digital toolkit with customizable campaign materials to use in your state. 
  • Footprints Newsletter
    Download the new special diabetes-focused edition of APMA's member-to-patient newsletter.
  • Focus on Your Feet
    Order this new patient-friendly DVD in our e-Store, which covers the basics of diabetic foot care.
  • Order a FREE Poster for Your Office
    APMA members can request a free poster of our infographic, "The Real Cost of Diabetes," in the e-Store.
  • The Three-Minute Diabetic Foot Exam 
    This brief exam was developed so it could be easily performed by a wide range of health-care providers.
  • Impact of Diabetes by State
    View your state's incidence of diabetes and estimated annual costs related to diabetes.
  • Therapeutic Footwear Infographic
    Dr. Comfort created this infographic to demonstrate the benefits of therapeutic footwear for patients with diabetes.
  • Diabetes Surveys and Studies
    APMA has commissioned several studies related to diabetes. Share the information in media interviews and on social media.
  • Journal Articles
    Search JAPMA Online for the latest in diabetic foot health research.
Additional Diabetes and Foot Health Resources

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