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Young Physician LogoAPMA is committed to meeting the needs of young physicians, those podiatrists who graduated from podiatric medical school in the past 10 years. APMA's Young Physicians' Program was established to make sure the next generation of podiatric leaders have a voice within the organization. APMA has created numerous tools and resources to help young members navigate everything from managing student debt and the residency placement process to launching their career and making a mark in the profession.

  • Leadership Opportunities
    Do you want to get more involved with APMA but not sure where to start? Young physicians have numerous opportunities to contribute to the podiatric community and continued success of the organization.
  • Career and Practice Tools
    Establishing yourself in the field of podiatry can be a daunting task. From securing your first post-graduate job (your residency) to choosing the right practice model, APMA has you covered. Check out the APMA Career Center to take that next step and explore other resources such as state licensure information, debt management advice, and residency director interviews.
  • Young Physicians' Events and News
    Every day, young physicians are making their presence known in the podiatric community. Learn about can’t-miss events like the Young Physicians’ Institute and The National, and find out what your colleagues have been up to with Your APMA, the publication specifically for young physicians, and the latest list of young physicians accomplishments in APMA News.
  • Academic and Scientific Resources
    For podiatrists, graduation is only the start of a lifelong pursuit of education. Read interesting case presentations from doctors such as yourself and discover the latest published research in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association (JAPMA). Also, residents will want to learn more about the Residency Education Resource Center (REdRC), an online repository of lectures and resources specifically tailored to their needs.


APMA gratefully acknowledges the support of the PICA, founding partner of the Young Physicians' Program, and our contributing partners:

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