Connecticut Podiatric Practice

Location: Southern, Connecticut

Description of Practice: CONNECTICUT – Enormous solo practice – looking for associate/associates with fast track to partnership/ownership.  Must be highly motivated/well-trained - surgical, trauma, wound care, biomechanical, etc.. Single associate or practice large enough for (2) associates (family, friends, etc.).  All the bells and whistles: EHR, digital x-ray – direct, recently remodeled office – new luxury treatment/procedure chairs, transcriptionists, multi-specialty surgical center ownership percentage with additional non-practice revenue stream, wound care center with hyperbaric chamber observation privileges planned, university residents, hospitals eager for strong relationships.  Multiple state-wide referral sources and no Medicaid. Ideally located between Boston and NYC.  Excellent school systems/neighborhoods.  Beautiful surrounding hills and close to ocean access.  Flexible terms with either immediate buyout and will work as employee or 50% partial buyout with retirement in 3+ years. Pending terms, surgical center revenue will assist with buyout, leaving office revenue for income.  Phenomenal opportunity for the right person/persons.  Email -  Please email cover letter and CV, if interested.

Practice Arrangement Type: Solo Practice

Annual Revenue: $325,000+

Type Of Focus: Surgery

Sale Price: TBD

Reason why practice is being sold: Eventual Retirement

Date Practice is Available for Purchase: June 1, 2018

Are you offering transition assistance? -- Yes

Are there any financing/loan options available? -- Yes

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