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Zachary Bennett

Zach Bennett APMA 2040

Name: Zachary Bennett

School: Midwestern University Arizona School of Podiatric Medicine

Age: 24

Hometown: River Falls, WI

Undergraduate school and degree(s): University of Wisconsin—Madison: BS, Biology and BS, History of Science  

Why did you choose podiatry?

When I entered my junior year of college, I knew I wanted to join the health-care field. I shadowed many specialists, and what made podiatry stand out was the ability to relieve pain. Podiatrists are in a position to provide instantaneous relief to their patients. While shadowing, I saw patients just days after surgery state that their pain was already less than it was before the surgery. Being able to watch a patient walk in with pain and walk out comfortably was what convinced me to choose podiatry.

What is the biggest surprise/challenge about podiatry school so far?

My wife and I were married 13 days before we started school at Midwestern University. She is studying to be an occupational therapist. I thought being in school at the same time would be a challenge. To my surprise though, it has benefited both of us. We can study together, quiz each other, and relate to the stress of graduate school.

Where do you see yourself in 2040?

By 2040, I hope to be practicing in the Minneapolis area near my hometown. I want to manage my own practice with an emphasis on sports medicine. By then my wife and I will have a couple of kids and our student loans should be paid off.

What is something surprising about you?

In the past year, I have been in 24 different states. A few family vacations and interviewing at five podiatry schools made for a lot of driving across the US.