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95th House of Delegates Meeting Opens in Washington, DC

March 22, 2015

APMA’s 95th House of Delegates meeting convened in Washington, DC, on Saturday, March 21. The meeting opened with addresses from staff and member leaders. Glenn B. Gastwirth, DPM, executive director and CEO, set the tone for the meeting by encouraging delegates to “think strategically and be prepared to take bold new steps forward.” He suggested APMA members should be proactive on behalf of the profession by taking steps such as joining the Podiatric Health Section of the American Public Health Association and using APMA’s eAdvocacy system to support our Helping Ensure Life- and Limb Saving Access to Podiatric Physicians (HELLPP) Act legislation.

Frank Spinosa, DPM, president, addressed the HOD to reflect on his presidency. Dr. Spinosa remembered the goals he outlined at the beginning of his presidency, including his focus on dispelling the myth of an “us versus them” dynamic between leadership and the membership at large. He noted “incredible progress” toward the goals of Vision 2015, including mandatory three-year residency training, an uptick in applications to podiatric medical schools, and the promotion of podiatrists as physicians. “But we can’t stop until we achieve parity under Title XIX and for our military brethren,” Dr. Spinosa said. “We will never stop advancing on our Pathway to Parity.”

During the Saturday proceedings, the HOD confirmed the selection of James R. Christina, DPM, as APMA’s next executive director and CEO. Dr. Christina is the current director of Scientific Affairs and will replace retiring CEO Dr. Gastwirth.

On Sunday, APMA hosted a town hall session during which delegates had an open forum to discuss suggestions and priorities for the association and its work on behalf of the profession. The HOD also reviewed the results of a survey that was disseminated to the membership to gauge strategic priorities. The survey results and input from the house will be used in APMA’s next strategic planning effort scheduled for July.

Before the house recessed Sunday, Speaker of the House J.D. Ferritto Jr., DPM, announced the candidates for office. 

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