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CPME Official Notice—Call For Comment

December 17, 2018

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CPME publications 220 and 230 are scheduled for review and possible revision by the Joint Committee on the Recognition of Specialty Boards (JCRSB) in February 2019 and the Council on Podiatric Medical Education in April 2019.

The JCRSB conducts periodic reviews and revisions of its standards, criteria, and procedures on a scheduled basis (every six years). The most recent comprehensive review process for CPME 220, Criteria and Guidelines for Recognition of a Specialty Board for Podiatric Medical Practice, and CPME 230, Procedures for Recognition of a Specialty Board for Podiatric Medical Practice, resulted in documents that were adopted in January 2013, and the interim review took place in 2016. Therefore, the next comprehensive review of the CPME 220 and 230 documents is scheduled to take place in 2019.

The JCRSB will meet February 8–9, 2019 to conduct this review. Per CPME 230, the criteria and procedures will be disseminated widely in order to obtain information regarding how any revisions will affect the community of interest. Following a review of the comments from the community of interest, the proposed revisions to CPME 220 and 230 will be considered for final adoption by the council.  

Click on this link, CPME 220 and 230, to view the documents scheduled for review. CPME publications 220 and 230 can also be found by visiting www.cpme.org, clicking on "Specialty Certifying Boards" and then "CPME 220 and CPME 230."

You are encouraged to forward this message as you see appropriate. The council is seeking the broadest possible input. Send your comments to CPME Director Heather Stagliano, DHSc, by February 1, 2019.

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