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Travel 'The Path Taken' during the Opening Address at The National

July 11, 2019

Barry Scurran, DPM

The National’s opening session address, “The Path Taken” with Barry Scurran, DPM, is a fitting start to the must-attend meeting for every foot and ankle physician and surgeon. Attendees will learn about the professional journey of one remarkable podiatrist and discover how and why he made the choices that drove him forward. The session will start at 8:30 a.m. in Ballroom A/C, and is open to all attendees, exhibitors, and guests.

“As Yogi Berra supposedly said, ‘when you come to a fork in the road, take it,’” Dr. Scurran said. “We all have options; some we create, while some are created for us.”

Dr. Scurran is the former chief Compliance, Ethics, and Integrity officer for The Permanente Medical Group and a rock star in his field. In his more than 40 years in podiatry he has been recognized as a respected researcher, accomplished surgeon, and dedicated educator. If not for certain choices he made early in life, he could have been a literal rock star instead

“I never expected to be a senior executive in the largest medical group in the United States,” he said.

During his opening session speech Dr. Scurran will talk about the decisions that mapped his career, from attending the then-Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine (class of ’73) and ultimately leading to his prestigious position. He will also provide advice for navigating your own career.

“It’s good to have a set of guiding principles but also a strategy. Both take time to develop,” he said.

Just as importantly, it is okay to change your way of thinking to match your current circumstances. You are not the same person when you are 45 as you were at 25.

“The world changes, and your priorities and strategy may change with it,” he said.

Another major contributing factor for Dr. Scurran’s career was the lasting impact of those around him. He identified servant leadership as a key to success for many leaders. “I had great mentors.”

Given the breadth of attendees at The National, everyone listening will connect with a different aspect of Dr. Scurran’s journey. He has some special advice for those just getting started.

“Set your goals. Have your principles. Change with the times. Failure is to be expected from time to time; learn from it. Along the way, don't forget to ‘thank the tires.’”

Prior to Dr. Scurran’s address, APMA President David G. Edwards, DPM, will welcome attendees to The National with some opening remarks, including updates on new and exciting initiatives from your association. Immediately following the opening session, make your way to the exhibit hall for the Exhibit Hall Grand Opening and the day’s first CECH scanning session.



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