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APMA Defends Podiatrists Against AMA

June 17, 2024

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UPDATE: As of June 25, AMA has voluntarily removed the offensive and inaccurate post thanks to APMA's efforts. APMA extends its gratitude to every organization and individual within the podiatry community who took the time to issue a statement or contact AMA. Together, our small profession can achieve great things! APMA's Board of Trustees is in communication with AMA and will continue to work with AMA's volunteer leadership to ensure accuracy and transparency in future communications about podiatrists' education and training.

In a recent social media post, the AMA noted that "Most patients wrongly believe that podiatrists are physicians." APMA swiftly corrected the post via X and Facebook, and the APMA Board of Trustees is considering further action in response.

APMA's response pointed out that the federal government recognizes podiatrists as physicians and that podiatric physicians' education and training are equivalent to the education and training of MDs and DOs. The response also linked to an APMA infographic that compares DPM, MD, and DO education and training in detail. 

The Board of Trustees plans to communicate directly to AMA's volunteer leadership in response to this offensive and erroneous post, and the board will discuss further necessary action during an upcoming meeting.

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