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Operate Like a DPM with Today’s Podiatrist

April 1, 2019

Peggy S. Tresky

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) announced today the launch of a spring campaign featuring Today’s Podiatrist, in conjunction with April’s National Foot Health Awareness Month. The campaign will educate the public about the wide range of capabilities of doctors of podiatric medicine (DPMs), with a particular emphasis on their surgical expertise.

Today’s Podiatrist is a foot and ankle expert, specially trained to treat and evaluate patients based on individual needs. Whether that evaluation necessitates surgical intervention or conservative care, Today’s Podiatrist will provide the appropriate treatment.

“There is no foot and ankle injury beyond the capabilities of Today’s Podiatrist,” said APMA President David G. Edwards, DPM. “We keep patients on their feet by recommending and executing the right treatment for that specific condition and individual. From performing complex ankle reconstructions to caring for diabetic foot ulcers, we are at the forefront of foot and ankle medicine and surgery.”

No matter the severity of your condition, when you have a foot or ankle issue you should turn to Today’s Podiatrist. In some cases, surgery may be the most appropriate treatment to alleviate discomfort or restore the function of your foot. Individual factors determine the length and kind of rehabilitation required to ensure a successful recovery. From conditions such as skin care, bunions, wound care, diabetic ulcers, fractures, general pain, and tendon injuries, Today’s Podiatrist is uniquely trained to perform foot and ankle surgery.

The month-long public education campaign also includes resources for APMA members to share with other health-care providers in an effort to enhance collaboration in patient care. The materials feature information regarding specialties in podiatric medicine, including forefoot and rearfoot injuries, geriatrics, pediatrics, sports injuries, and more. To learn more about the campaign, and to find a podiatrist in your area, visit www.apma.org/foothealth.


The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) is the nation's leading professional organization for today’s podiatrists. Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPMs) are qualified by their education, training, and experience to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the foot, ankle, and structures of the leg. APMA has 53 state component locations across the United States and its territories, with a membership of more than 12,500 podiatrists. All practicing APMA members are licensed by the state in which they practice. For more information, visit www.apma.org.

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