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Clerkships, Matching, and Match Phase II

A Comprehensive Survival Guide to Securing a Residency

The residency search process can be frustrating and complicated; nonetheless, it is a vital and required part of your podiatric medical education. Proper planning and research will make the process easier. This manual, while not intended to find you a clerkship or guarantee you a residency program, is a comprehensive guide to help you through the clerkship and residency interview process. It provides you with a timeline to follow and some tips for selecting clerkship programs, clerking, and interviewing.

Residency search and selection are very similar to a job search. Preparation and organization will be critical in securing a residency program. We hope that you will find the manual beneficial as you begin the next very important step in your career.

Brought to you by the Young Physicians’ Program (YPP) and PICA, the founding partner of the YPP.

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