Calling All Members! Help Grow Your Organization

July 27, 2017

With a growing membership of nearly 13,000 practicing DPMs, of whom nearly 1,500 are residents, APMA is the largest and most influential organization supporting podiatrists. APMA also supports nearly 2,400 podiatric medical students—the future of the profession. Statistically speaking, APMA has a solid and strong membership base. As an APMA member, you are a key element of APMA’s strength.

While the membership base is growing, especially among younger professionals, there’s an opportunity for continued growth. To that end, APMA has launched a nationwide member recruitment campaign. Together with the 53 component societies, we aim to increase the membership by at least 6 percent over the next 18 months.

That’s where you come in. If you’re a current member, we encourage you to talk with your colleagues about APMA membership. Tell them about your experience. Let them know what benefits you enjoy as an APMA member. Invite them to join! As you well know, the benefits of APMA membership are abundant, including:

  • Discounts on event registration, including The National
  • Complimentary educational resources, including practice management webinars and JAPMA
  • Ongoing advocacy support to convey the value of the profession
  • On-demand coding and reimbursement assistance
  • Promotional tools for growing a practice
  • Exclusive savings on Seal-holding products
  • Special discounts on selected tools and resources for podiatric practices
  • Listing in the Find a Podiatrist directory—a key resource for patients
  • Practice management tools designed specifically for podiatrists
  • Specialized services provided by each component

When your colleague becomes a member, we’ll send you a Starbucks gift card to thank you and you’ll be entered to win one of three prizes: a free year of membership; an Apple Watch (Series 2); or a Fitbit One. For every colleague you refer who joins, you’ll receive another Starbucks gift card (up to 10) and another prize entry.

You also can mention to your colleagues that APMA provides an extensive suite of services for patients, component organizations, legislators, and regulators. These services include a patient checklist, a public relations toolkit for components, and blueprints for state legislators to ensure parity in scope of practice. View the full list of services with links to further details at

Conversations with your colleagues can be as simple as noting the recent work APMA has done to fight for parity and to support the work of its members. Let your colleagues know that, in the past six months alone, APMA has provided members with:

  • 25 coding and reimbursement webinars, all of them free
  • 18 comment letters to CMS, FDA, and others to promote parity for DPMs
  • 500-plus meetings with representatives on Capitol Hill
  • 200-plus conversations with state component leaders to advance state advocacy initiatives
  • 5,000-plus touch points with state legislators and staff via the National Conference of State Legislatures
  • 500-plus calls, emails, and other contact with collaborating organizations to advocate for podiatrists
  • 60-plus private and public insurance advisors, dedicated to supporting APMA members
  • Six instructional articles on reimbursement in APMA News
  • 96 issues of JAPMA, APMA News, News Brief, and Weekly Focus, combined
  • 228 student scholarships
  • 1.5 billion media impressions promoting the importance of foot health to the public
  • $4,000 per year on average in savings for members who follow APMA’s MACRA guidelines
  • One tremendous nationally qualified clinical data registry in development

APMA will continue to provide these and other services in its efforts to increase nationwide awareness of foot and ankle health and the irreplaceable role of the podiatrist. The more podiatrists APMA officially represents, the more powerful we are as an organization.

As the saying goes, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” Help to elevate the profession and the organization that supports it by talking with your colleagues about APMA. For details and resources, visit  

Make a difference for your profession on Capitol Hill. Contribute to APMAPAC.