How to Practice: Career Advice for Students, Residents

July 28, 2017

Students’ and Residents’ Program
11 a.m.–Noon
Saturday, July 29
Tennessee C

The Students’ and Residents’ Program will provide attendees with essential information to help them get their career off on the right foot. The program will take place at 11 a.m. Saturday in Tennessee C.

“The colleges and residency programs are focused on preparing us to practice medicine and perform surgery. However, they do not focus on teaching us how to practice” said moderator Stephen C. Schmid, DPM. Dr. Schmid will moderate the session and is the Young Physician Liaison to the APMA Board of Trustees.

Although students and residents are in distinctly different phases of their careers, the program addresses issues pertinent to both. Presentations in the hour-long program include transitioning from student to resident and resident to practitioner, handling complications, and exploring various post-residency career options.

“There is much more to our role than the medical and surgical treatment of the foot and ankle. This program helps address those other aspects of your career.”

Aside from the program, Dr. Schmid sees many other benefits for students and residents attending the conference that go beyond honing surgical skills.

“The National is a great opportunity to learn and refresh yourself on all aspects of podiatric care. It also provides a great opportunity for students and residents to network, providing opportunities to help secure a residency program or your first job.”

The session will conclude with a panel discussion, allowing participants to ask questions related to what they learned or anything else on their minds as they prepare for the future. Dr. Schmid has plenty of advice for his colleagues-in-training.

“Take the time to learn the little things. It’s easy to focus on the big procedures or the newest products, but the little things will often make the difference in your patient’s mind. Happy patients lead to a successful practice.”

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