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MIPS White Glove Services

Do you have questions about the 2023 MIPS Performance Year? 

APMA will continue to provide considerable resources regarding MIPS for the 2023 Performance Year. But, if you are looking for additional support beyond what is available on the website, such as one-on-one assistance with individualized measure/activity selection, personalized planning for your practice’s participation with the MIPS program, or more in-depth assistance with the APMA MIPS app, consider working with a MIPS consultant. APMA has contracted with Darena Solutions, the creator of the APMA MIPS app, to provide members with individual assistance at a preferred price. The initial 15- to 30-minute phone call is free!

Darena Solutions - MIPS White Glove Services for the 2023 PY

2023 MIPS PY White Glove Services are being offered to APMA members at 10 percent off list price* ($1,350 initial provider, $810 each additional provider).

*2023 PY List price: $1,500 initial provider, $900 each additional provider

Only APMA members are eligible to receive discounted pricing.

To reach Darena Solutions' White Glove Service Provider Wayne Singer immediately, you can:

When contracting with Darena Solutions, identify yourself as an APMA member to receive the preferred pricing.

Note: When engaging with a vendor, you are entering into an individual contract with that vendor. APMA is not responsible for the outcome of this contract and does not guarantee any specific results as related to your final MIPS score or changes to your future reimbursements based on this engagement.

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