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Why Before You Buy

Your feet are unique to you! That means the shoes your workout buddy or even your family member loves may not be right for you. Visit a podiatrist for an assessment to be sure you’re making the right choices to support your feet. Learn why before you buy!

Footwear isn't just limited to the hottest shoes on the market. Retail outlets selling expensive custom orthotics and arch supports have sprung up nationwide. And while these outlets promise a precision fit, podiatrists spend four years in podiatric medical school and at least three years in residency training to become the experts in foot and ankle health. If discomfort has not improved with an insert—or if the orthotic is causing new pain—it’s time to visit a podiatrist for recommendations based on your foot and their education, training, and experience. To find a podiatrist in your area, visit our Find a Podiatrist tool. Know why before you buy.

Once you understand your foot type and underlying conditions, look to the APMA Seal of Acceptance for hundreds of shoes that have been evaluated by podiatric physicians and shown to promote proper foot health. The Seal of Acceptance is your sign that a shoe, insert, or hosiery is of the highest quality and will be beneficial for your feet.

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What is a podiatrist?

Becoming a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
Learn more about the exciting careers available in podiatric medicine and step into podiatry.



Learn about the difference between prescription orthotics from your podiatrist and inserts from retailers. 

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Individual members and practices can make use of the following resources to promote their expertise and educate current and prospective patients and students. These downloadable resources include suggested social media posts, a referral letter, an educational tip sheet, and more. Watch for more materials to come this month.

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