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If you are a podiatrist, APMA is for you.

Join today and receive 50 percent off your 2017–2018 APMA fiscal year membership dues! Lapsed memberships from June 1, 2016, to date are not eligible.

APMA members engage in the full range of podiatric medicine from dermatology to surgery, conservative care to rearfoot reconstruction. APMA is the only organization representing podiatry as a whole.

  • Your voice to legislators and decision-makers on podiatric payment and access issues
  • Your source for information and guidance on reimbursement, MACRA, coding, and other practice management resources
  • Your opportunity to engage with your colleagues and stay current in the field

Dual membership supports you at the state and national levels.

  • APMA has 53 component organizations, one in each state plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and one for those working in the Federal Services. The APMA National and Component dual membership model means you’ll be aligned with podiatrists across the country and within your state.

Three Ways to Join

  1. Complete the online form and APMA will reach out to your state component to begin the process.
  2. Download, complete, and return the appropriate application form to APMA
  3. Contact your state component directly to begin the process.


What are the APMA member categories?
APMA has three primary member categories:

  • Postgraduate (students, residents, fellows)
  • Associate (first four years of practice)
  • Active (five or more years in practice)

Plus additional categories for non-practicing DPMs, Federal Services employees, International, life, and senior members. View the list of member categories.

How much are APMA dues?
Membership for students and residents is free! Dues for DPMs in practice range from $232 to $925, depending on the number of years in practice. New members' dues are prorated based on the month they join per the APMA membership year of June 1–May 31.

How much are component membership dues?
Each of the 53 component organizations has its own dues structure. Contact APMA or the component in your state for details.

What do I get for my dues payment?
APMA members enjoy a host of benefits and services to support them in their day-to-day practice including practice management, reimbursement, and coding guidance. Services range from advocacy to education, promotion of the profession to helping you promote your practice, plus a suite of affinity programs to save money on purchases—exclusively for APMA members. 

What if my ability to practice is limited or I’m unable to practice?
Current APMA members may be eligible to apply for a change in member category based on health, practice, or stage-of-life issues. Contact APMA directly for details. View the list of member categories.

Does APMA offer senior or life membership?
Current APMA members may be eligible to apply for senior or life membership provided they meet the appropriate criteria per below. Contact APMA directly to apply.

Senior Member

  • A DPM who has reached the age of 62, or has been forced to curtail his or her practice because of illness, and is actively engaged in practice for no more than 20 hours per week, and has been an APMA member for 15 consecutive years.

Life Member

  • A DPM who has maintained APMA membership for a minimum of 15 consecutive years and is at least 65 years of age and completely retired from practice; or
  • A DPM who has maintained APMA membership for a minimum of 25 consecutive years and is completely retired from practice. No minimum age requirement; or
  • A DPM who has maintained APMA membership for a minimum of 50 consecutive years. No minimum age requirement and the DPM may still be in practice.



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