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Welcome to the APMA in the News page. This page features select media coverage of APMA, APMA members, and research published in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association (JAPMA). If you'd like to submit a news item, please email the public relations department.



10 Subtle Signs of Disease Your Feet Can Reveal
Reader's Digest
—February 26, 2018

The 7 Best Insoles, According To Experts
—February 24, 2018


The Best Shoes to Wear in the Kitchen, According to 5 Podiatrists
The Kitchn
—January 22, 2018

8 Reasons Why Your Feet Are Absolutely Killing You
Women's Health Magazine—January 19, 2018

The Most Comfortable Walking Boots, According to a Podiatrist
—January 17, 2018

5 Disgusting Things That Can Happen to Your Feet
Prevention Magazine—January 12, 2018

Do Runners Need Toenails, Anyway?
Runner's World—January 10, 2018

5 Disgusting Things That Can Happen to Your Feet
Men's Health Magazine
January 2, 2018

7 Signs Your Blood Sugar is Out of Control
Everyday Health—January 1, 2018



5 Disgusting Things That Can Happen to Your Feet
Women's Health Magazine
—December 27, 2017

10 Tips to Manage Plantar Fasciitis
U.S News & World Report
—December 26, 2017

Your 10 Biggest Walking Pains, Solved
Prevention Magazine
—December 8, 2017

6 Fitness Walking Shoes That'll Inspire You To Get Moving
Prevention Magazine
—December 6, 2017

11 Toddler Shoes That Are Too Cute for Words
Brit+Co—December 4, 2017

Compression Socks for Diabetes: A Guide to Help You Pick the Best Pair
Everyday Health
—December 1, 2017


8 Comfortable Ballet Flats That Won't Wreck Your Feet
Health Magazine
—November 30, 2017

3 Foot Symptoms That Could Signal A Bigger Health Problem
Runner's World
—November 13, 2017

3 Foot Symptoms That Could Signal A Bigger Health Problem
Women's Health Magazine
—November 3, 2017


The Right Way to Clip Your Toenails
Men's Health Magazine
—October 30, 2017

How to Choose a Comfortable Travel Boot, According to a Podiatrist
InStyle Magazine
—October 28, 2017

Ingrown Toenail-Removal Videos Are The New Pimple-Popping Videos
Women's Health Magazine
—October 27, 2017

The Truth About Forcing Your Turnout
Pointe Magazine—October 12, 2017

Is Barefoot Training Ever a Good Idea?
SELF Magazine—October 4, 2017


7 Cute Shoes That Won't Hurt If You Have Bunions
Women's Health—September 28, 2017

The 10 Grossest Feet Doctors Have Ever Seen
Women's Health—September 26, 2017

What Causes Those Lovely Black Toenails?
Women's Running—September 6, 2017

10 Comfortable Heels You Can Wear All Day
Women's Health—September 5, 2017


Health Buzz: The Dirty Truth About Dorm Showers
U.S. News & World Report—August 23, 2017

10 Boots That Are Comfortable From the Second You Put Them On
Women's Health—August 23, 2017

Why You Shouldn't Wear the Same Shoes Every Day
Yahoo! Style—August 21, 2017

Here's Why You Get Foot Cramps During A Workout
Refinery29—August 17, 2017

Searching for My Summer Sole Mate
Slate—August 11, 2017

A Podiatrist Explains Heel Spurs—the Medical Condition Trump Said Earned Him a Medical Deferment from Vietnam
Business Insider—August 9, 2017

These are the Comfy Heels That Podiatrists Actually Wear
Prevention—August 4, 2017

What's That Smell? Possibly a Health Issue
AARP—August 4, 2017

11 Summer Sandals That Won't Ruin Your Feet
Runner's World—August 1, 2017


18 Cute Hiking Boots to Take You From Trail to Town
Travel and Leisure—July 13, 2017

These Are the Best Orthotic Insoles on the Market, According to Podiatrists
Health Magazine—July 12, 2017

How to Wear Heels Without Ruining Your Feet
Coveteur—July 8, 2017


7 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Wearing Heels
Real Simple—June 2017

My Running Shoes Were Too Old—and Yours Might Be Too
SELF Magazine—June 24, 2017

7 Things Every Woman Should Know About Wearing Heels
InStyle—June 24, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About Summer Foot Care From a Podiatrist
Essence Magazine—June 22, 2017

Ew! Beauty: Corns and Bunions
NYLON—June 20, 2017

The All-Time, Best Products to Care for Your Feet, According to Podiatrists
Health Magazine—June 16, 2017

Psoriatic Disease and Foot Care: How a Podiatrist Can Help
Everyday Health—June 13, 2017

10 Things Podiatrists Wish Everyone Knew About Their Feet
Runner's World—June 9, 2017

The Best Shoes for Nurses—and Anyone Else Who Spends Hours on Their Feet
Health Magazine—June 5, 2017


Time to Check Your Feet
Chicago Tribune—May 26, 2017

Pain, Satin and Paper Towels: What It Takes for Ballerinas to Dance On Their Toes
Washington Post—May 26, 2017

Why Do My Feet Sweat So Much?
Women's Health Magazine—May 23, 2017

A Podiatrist Explains the Terrible Things That Can Happen to Your Feet If You Run Too Much
Business Insider—May 18, 2017

8 Flip-Flops With Arch Support You'll Want to Wear All Summer
Health Magazine—May 11, 2017

How to Wear High Heels Without Pain (& Our Top Five Brands)
Livestrong—May 1, 2017


What is a Podiatrist?
Metro US—April 21, 2017

Is Losing Toes As You Get Older, Like Former First Lady Barbara Bush, Totally Normal?
Yahoo! Beauty—April 11, 2017

Wait, Why Does Barbara Bush Have Only Eight Toes?
The Washington Post—April 10, 2017

The One Thing You Need to Do Before Bed in the Summer
SheKnows—April, 2017


10 Things Your Foot Doctor Really Wishes You Wouldn't Do
Men's Health—March 30, 2017

Keep Your Ankles Strong to Stay on Your Feet
Muscle & Fitness—March 27, 2017

How to Fix Your Gross Feet
Men's Health—March 24, 2017

This Designer Trend May Put Chiropractors Out Of Business
BravoTV—March 9, 2017

5 Causes of Black Toenails—and How to ID the Harmless From the Harmful
Runner's World—March 3, 2017

7 Everyday Habits You Didn't Know Were Ruining Your Nails
Reader's Digest—March 2017


12 Comfortable Wedding Shoes You Can Actually Dance In
InStyle—February 20, 2017

5 Reasons Your Toes Keep Crampingand How to Get Relief
Men's HealthFebruary 15, 2017

Why Do My Feet Always Cramp During Workouts?
Men's Fitness—February 14, 2017

Arthritis-Friendly Footwear: How to Find the Best Shoes
Everyday Health—February 8, 2017

55 Rampant Health Myths That Need to Die
Reader's Digest—February 2017


Are There Home Treatments for Neuromas of the Feet?
New York Times—January 27, 2017

10 Comfort Heels That Won't Wreck Your Feet
Health Magazine—January 20, 2017

Marion Parke, Podiatrist Turned Designer Has Created the Ultimate Game Changer in Luxury Shoes
Forbes—January 13, 2017

8 Effective Solutions For Bunion Pain
Prevention—January 4, 2017



The Latest Tricks and Tools To Battle Plantar Fasciitis
Triathlete—December 8, 2016

10 Easy Beauty Hacks For Damaged, Dry-As-Heck Nails
SheKnows—December 6, 2016


8 Cute Shoes That Won't Hurt Your Bunions
Health Magazine—November 22, 2016

7 Ways to Care for Foot Wounds If You Have Type 2 Diabetes
Everyday Health—November 21, 2016

7 Foot Problems That Can Be Serious
Grandparents Magazine—November 12, 2016

7 Foot Problems That Can Be Serious
Huffington Post—November 12, 2016


Hands Down, THESE Are The Worst Shoes For Your Feet
Refinery29—October 31, 2016

There's More Than One Way to Lace Your Running Shoesand It Matters Which You Use
Washington PostOctober 18, 2016

A Foot Surgeon Reveals the Only Ways to Make High Heels More Comfortable
Business InsiderOctober 18, 2016

Why Do Some People Have Inescapable Foot Odor?
Wall Street Journal—October 17, 2016

5 Ways You're Destroying Your Feet—And Expert Advice on Easing the Pain
WashingtonianOctober 14, 2016

5 Ways to Cope With the Changes Your Feet Undergo With Age
U.S News & World Report—October 5, 2016


The Best Shoes for Flat Feet, According to Podiatrists
Health Magazine—September 28, 2016

5 Reasons Why Your Feet Are Swelling Up Like Balloons
Women's Health Magazine—September 27, 2016

The Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, According to Podiatrists
Health Magazine—September 21, 2016

What Wearing High Heels Does to Your Feet
SELF MagazineSeptember 11, 2016

The Best Sandals for Your Feet, According to Podiatrists
Travel+Leisure—September 9, 2016

Ew! Beauty: How To Prevent and Treat Nail Fungus
Nylon Magazine—September 6, 2016


6 Totally Not-Dumb Questions You've Been Too Embarrassed to Ask About Your Feet
Women's Health—August 12, 2016

When Should Girls Be Allowed to Wear Heels?
Yahoo! Style—August 2, 2016

The Best High Heels For Your Feet
Health Magazine—August 2, 2016


10 Health Mistakes Even Smart People Make
Real Simple—July, 2016

Meet the Podiatrist Behind the Line of Gorgeous Heels You'll Want to Live In
Popsugar—July 7, 2016

Men Shouldn't Wear Flip-Flops, But Not Because Feet Are Gross
Huffington Post—July 5, 2016


15 Things to Say "Yes" to This Summer
MSN Lifestyle—June 21, 2016

Skip The Pedicure With These Foot Issues
Chicago TribuneJune 13, 2016

Why Stan Smiths Might Be Ruining Your Feet
Well and GoodJune 7, 2016

Cute and Comfy Sandals and Shoes for Summer
ParadeJune 7, 2016

How To Prevent Blisters On Your Feet When Running
Miami HeraldJune 6, 2016

Here's What Really Happens When You Wear High Heels
GreatistJune 6, 2016

Are Crocs Bad for Your Feet? Some Podiatrists Say Yes
USA TodayJune 6, 2016

Well, Bad News for Crocs-Wearers Everywhere!
CosmopolitanJune 6, 2016

Here's What Podiatrists Think About Your Crocs
Huffington Post—June 1, 2016


The Best Sandals For Your Feet, According to Podiatrists
Health MagazineMay 2016

How to Prevent Blisters
Chicago TribuneMay 30, 2016

How Much Do High Heels Hurt?
Shape—May 14, 2016

Arch Enemies
The Atlantic—May 12, 2016

Justin Bieber Is Walking Around the City of Boston Barefoot
Teen Vogue—May 10, 2016

Your Grossest Feet Problems, Solved
Men's Health—May 5, 2016


7 Things Podiatrists Tell Their Friends About Feet
Good HousekeepingApril 27, 2016

Maintaining Fitness—Not Resting—May Be Key To Recovering From An Injury
The Washington Post—April 25, 2016

Foot Doctor: Stephen Curry's Ankle Getting Top Treatment
The Sacramento BeeApril 22, 2016

7 Things You Need To Know If You're Considering Bunion Surgery
Prevention Magazine—April 20, 2016

Worst U.S. City for Walking Takes Steps for Improvement
The Huffington Post—April 11, 2016

9 Foot Issues That Can Derail Your Sandal Game, Solved
SELF Magazine—April 3, 2016


The Best Trick For Combatting Smelly Feet Is...Deodorant
Huffington Post—March 18, 2016

Stay Healthy: How to Avoid Germs at the Gym!
Parade—March 18, 2016

The 9 Tips Foot Doctors Give Patients About Wearing Sandals
Reader's Digest—March 16, 2016

5 Reasons Your Feet Smell—And What To Do About It
Prevention Magazine—March 9, 2016

The High-Heel Hiatus: Podiatrists Explain Why Stilettos Really Are That Bad for You
Yahoo! Style—March 8, 2016

Use It or Lose It: Tips to Stay Healthy Head to Toe
Parade—March 4, 2016


Texting While Walking: Gait Adaptations and Injury Implications
Lower Extremity Review—February 2016

A Woman Got A Nasty Foot Infection From a PedicureWhat You Need To Know
SELF MagazineFebruary 18, 2016

13 Strange Body Facts, Exposed!
Reader's Digest—February 12, 2016

7 Weird Things That Happen To Your Feet As You Get Older
Prevention Magazine—February 8, 2016


5 Reasons Your Heels Hurt During WalksAnd What To Do About It
Prevention Magazine—January 29, 2016

5 Signs You're Wearing The Wrong Shoes
Prevention Magazine—January 29, 2016

What It's Like to Get a Pedicure as a Man
Cosmopolitan—January 28, 2016

What Really Happens If You Go Barefoot In The Locker Room?
Prevention Magazine—January 19, 2016

How to Prevent Nail Fungus (And Treat It If It's Already Present)
Prevention Magazine—January 7, 2016



Fancy Feet Follies
Costco Connection—December 2015

13 Cute Shoes That Are Good for Your Feet
Shape Magazine—December 2015

Find the Right Shoes for Diabetes
WebMD—December 2015

Common Foot Problems for Runners and What They Say About Your Health
Women's Running—December 28, 2015

4 Hangover Hacks You Need to Feel Like a Human Again
CosmopolitanDecember 26, 2015

How to Soothe Sore Feet
Chicago Tribune—December 14, 2015

What Happens to Your Feet at Every Heel Height
Yahoo! Style—December 9, 2015

10 Things Podiatrists Wish Everyone Knew About Their Feet
Prevention Magazine—December 7, 2015


Are Your Flats Causing Your Foot Pain? The Surprising Pitfalls of a Discreet Heel
Vogue—November 30, 2015

Illinois Podiatrists Offer Tips On Diabetes Prevention, Treatment
Chicago Tribune—November 12, 2015


Seeking Shoe Closure: Laces vs Alternatives
Lower Extremity Review—October 2015

Ugly Toenails
The New York Times—October 30, 2015

5 Reasons Your Toes Keep Crampingand How to Get Relief
Prevention Magazine—October 13, 2015


Health Literacy: The Challenge of Making Clinical Information Accessible to Patients
Lower Extremity Review—September 2015

10 Signs of Disease Your Feet Can Reveal
Reader's Digest—September 2015

10 Reasons It Hurts When You Walk-And How to Feel Better Fast
Prevention Magazine—September 16, 2015

Should You Pop A Blister?
Prevention Magazine—September 15, 2015

The Unpleasant Truth About Communal Yoga Mats
The Huffington Post—September 15, 2015

How Likely Are You to Develop Bunions?
Women's Health—September 9, 2015


5 Common Aches From the First Week of Cross Country
Runner's World—August 27, 2015

Amputees Decry Medicare Payment Overhaul for Artificial Feet
The New York Times—August 27, 2015

7 Signs You're Wearing the Wrong Sneakers
Fitness Magazine—August 24, 2015

Woman Designs "Painless" High-Heel Shoes
KSNW-TV—August 5, 2015


The Best Shoes for Toddlers: What to Know
Care—July 2015

True Beauty: Crack Down on Cracks
Dr. Oz The Good Life—July/August 2015

10 Ways to Make Your Pedicure Last
InStyle—July 2015

The New Chuck Taylors Will Actually be Comfortable
The Washington Post—July 23, 2015

Advanced Medical Technology Raises Questions of Cyber Security
KJZZ 91.5 FM—July 21, 2015


Answers: Heel Pain
Prevention—June 2015

Game Changers: Taking Care of Our Feet
Men's Fitness—June 2015

The Heat and the Hazard: 9 Facts About Summer Health
The Washington Post—June 29, 2015

Here Are All the Ways High Heels Are Death Traps, According to Science
Science.Mic—June 24, 2015

Just How Bad Are Sandals for Your Feet?
O, The Oprah Magazine—June 22, 2015

High Heels That Don't Hurt
SELF—June 19, 2015

Ouch, My Heel Hurts!
U.S. News Health—June 11, 2015

Medical Mysteries: A Pain in the Foot
The Washington Post—June 8, 2015

5 Embarrassing Foot Conditions - and What You Can Do About Them
U.S. News Health—June 1, 2015


Everything That's Wrong with High Heels
The Washington PostMay 22, 2015

Happy Feet
Oxygen Magazine—May 21, 2015

Actually, Cannes, High Heels are Terrible for Your Feet
Yahoo! Health—May 21, 2015

VA's Ability to Increase Health Professionals is 'Seriously Fractured'
The Washington Post—May 17, 2015

Shining a Light on the Germs in Your Shoes
Wall Street Journal—May 11, 2015

When It Comes to Heels 'Beauty is Pain'
Wall Street Journal—May 8, 2015

How Often You Should Replace Things
U.S. News and World Report—May 7, 2015

You Asked: Do High Heels Actually Damage My Feet?
TIME—May 6, 2015

Baby Shoe Sizes: What You Need to Know
Care.com—May 6, 2015

10 Subtle Signs of Disease Your Feet Can Reveal
Reader's Digest—May 5, 2015

Health Secrets Your Feet Wish They Could Tell You
Reader's Digest—May 2015

Feet Hurt? Slip in Some Relief With Shoe Inserts
Arthritis Foundation—May 2015


Why the Wrong Shoe Insoles Might be Causing You Actual Harm
Men's Health—April 22, 2015

Bizarre Home Remedies That Really Work
Prevention—April 21, 2015

10 Reasons You Should Never, Ever Wear Flip-Flops
CosmopolitanApril 16, 2015

11 Foot Care Tips for Type 2 Diabetes
Everyday Health—April 7, 2015

6 Products for Cleaner, Healthier Feet
Men's Journal—April 2015


Good Ways to Exercise and Care for Your Most Neglected Body Part
Huffington Post—March 30, 2015

Sore Feet? Try These
OZY—March 26, 2015

Why You Need a Vacation From Your Nail Polish
InStyle—March 25, 2015

11 Things Your Podiatrist Wants You to Know
Healthgrades—March 15, 2015

Do You Really Need to Wear Shower Shoes at Your Gym?
SELF—March 11, 2015

You Really Need to Stop This Dangerous Gym Habit
Popsugar—March 5, 2015

Flat Shoes Linked to Women's Foot Problems
Good Morning America—March 4, 2015

Burning Questions
FITNESS—March 2015

Which Health Shortcuts Are OK?
Real Simple—March 2015


How Much Do High Heels Hurt?
Shape—February 27, 2015

How to Treat an Ingrown Nail
How Stuff Works—February 12, 2015


Sole Survivors
BridesJanuary/February 2015

Stand Up! Sitting Really Does Make Us Sick
MarketWatch—January 31, 2015



Plantar Fasciitis Treatment and Causes: 6 Things Every Fit Girl Must Know
FITNESS—December 18, 2014 


Unequal Treatment in Arizona, Swings in Medicaid Access Show Program's Impact
Los Angeles Times—November 30, 2014

How to Relieve Foot Pain After a Night of High Heels
Shape—November 15, 2014

Aching Feet on the Unit
ADVANCE for Nurses—November 11, 2014

Diabetes Checkups: What Doctors to See and When
Everyday Health—November 6, 2014

Onychomycosis Remains a Major Clinical Challenge
Lower Extremity Review—November 2014

Toe Walking Reseachers Revisit Idiopathic Label
Lower Extremity Review—November 2014

10 Walking Mistakes You're Making
Prevention—November 2014


High Heels: Elevating the Discussion
Lower Extremity Review—October 2014

Kicking and Screaming
Women's Health—October 2014

When Should You Buy New Running Shoes?
Active.com—October 2014

6 Facts About Aging Everyone Should Know — But Doesn't
Huffington Post—October 22, 2014

Fresh and Fit: Eight Ways to Protect Your Feet
Nooga.com—October 19, 2014

What Doctors Can Tell About Your Health Just by Looking at Your Feet
Business Insider—October 10, 2014


Debating Corticosteroid Injections for Heel Pain
Lower Extremity Review—September 2014

All the Reasons You Stink (and What to do About Them!)
Seventeen—September 30, 2014

Clippers Podiatrist's Effort to Help Seriously Ill Kids No Small Feat
LA Times—September 24, 2014

How to Properly Wear (and Recover From) High-Heeled Shoes
Today—September 16, 2014

How to Treat Common Foot Ailments
Triathlete—September 16, 2014

7 Healthy Habits to Prevent Toenail Fungus
Everyday Health—September 3, 2014

Treating Toenail Fungus
Everyday Health—September 3, 2014


Art of Aging: Taking Care of Your Feet
ABC News—August 28, 2014

Why I Refuse to Feel Guilty About Wearing (Only) High Heels
FabSugar—August 12, 2014

Beyond the Backpack: Back-to-School Shoe-Shopping Tips to Keep Kids Health and Parents Happy
Chicago Tribune—August 11, 2014


Weekly Innovation: 3-D Printed Fashion For Your Feet
NPR—July 31, 2014

6 Simple Cures for Smelly Feet
Men's Health—July 27, 2014

Podiatric Meeting to Boost Isle Economy
Honolulu Star-Advertiser—July 23, 2014

New Study: You Could Be Wearing Wrong Shoe Size
Good Morning America—July 22, 2014

American Podiatric Medical Association Meeting Brings 2,000 to Hawaii This Week
Pacific Business News—July 21, 2014

When Getting a Pedicure, Here's How to Avoid Getting a Foot Infection, Fungus, etc.
The Washington Post—July 21, 2014

The Do's and Don'ts of Summer Footwear
ABC 7—July 15, 2014

Feet Are Getting Bigger, and Many People Wear Shoes That Don't Fit Right
Wall Street Journal—July 15, 2014

11 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy Running Shoes
Cosmopolitan—July 8, 2014

New Warning About the Summer's Hottest Shoe, the Flatform
Good Morning America—July 3, 2014

5 Things That Make Your Feet Hurt—And How to Fix Them
Grandparents.com—July 1, 2014


Are Calluses Bad for Me as a Runner?
Outside Magazine—June 25, 2014

Tips to Trip Up Toenail Fungus
Angie's List—June 18, 2014

GQ Fitness: Why Smart Summer Athletes Wear Wool
GQ—June 17, 2014

How Runners Can Keep Their Feet Happy
The Washington Post—June 17, 2014

Does Shopping for Shoes Put Your Feet at Risk?
Good Morning America—June 16, 2014

Avoid These Gross Foot Infections
Men's Health—June 16, 2014

This Will Convince You to Wear Socks the Next Time You Try On Shoes
Huffington Post—June 11, 2014

More Than Half of Americans Limit Activity Because of Foot Pain
Runners World—June 6, 2014

How to Get Your Feet Sandal-Ready (Without a Pricey Pedicure)
Huffington Post—June 4, 2014

Wearable Technology Saving Limbs of Diabetes Patients
Fox Business—June 2, 2014

Summer Shoe Dangers: How Can You Protect Your Feet?
Good Morning America—June 2, 2014


If Flip-Flops are a Metro No-No, What Should I Wear Instead?
The Washington Post—May 30, 2014

Summer Footwear
NBC Chicago—May 29, 2014

Don't Even Think About Getting a Pedi Before Reading This
Refinery29—May 20, 2014

9 Things Your Feet Reveal About Your Health
TIME Magazine—May 17, 2014

Here Comes Advice for Wedding Guests
Chicago Tribune—May 15, 2014

Is Barefoot Running Better for You?
The Washington Post—May 9, 2014

No More Ugly Feet
The Dr. Oz Show—May 8, 2014

Are People Really Getting Surgery to Feel Better in Heels?
Women's Health Magazine—May 7, 2014

Start Your Trip on the Right Foot
CNN—May 6, 2014

Feet First: Heel-to-Toe Caretaking Tips
WebMD Magazine—May 2014 


Make Them Fit, Please!
The New York Times—April 22, 2014

Sexy Stilettos have a Sinister Side
Chicago Tribune—April 17, 2014

Kick-Start Kids' Summer with Shoe-Shopping Tips for Parents
SFGate—April 14, 2014

Americans' Feet Getting Bigger, but Shoe Choices Slim
Chicago Tribune—April 12, 2014

How to... Treat Swollen Feet
Bottom Line/Personal—April 1, 2014

Can I Take Care of an Ingrown Toenail By Myself?
Fitness Magazine—April 2014

4 Foot Exercises
Real Simple—April 2014

Sole Survivors
Allure Magazine—April 2014

3 Ways to Relieve Foot Pain for Good
Woman's Day—April 2014


Fashion Fit: The Right Shoe Combines Comfort with Style
TRIBLIVE—March 27, 2014

Thinking of Getting a Pedicure? Beware the Health Risks First
The Huffington Post—March 24, 2014

The Worst Shoes for Your Feet
WebMD—March 24, 2014

Do I Really Need to Wear Shower Shoes?
POPSUGAR—March 17, 2014

Running: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide
The Active Times—March 11, 2014

12 Things Your Nail Salon Doesn't Want You to Know
StyleList—March 2014

High-Heel Hiatus
VOGUE Magazine—March 2014 


After Injury-Wracked 2013, Can Derek Jeter Hold Up in Final Year?
Sports Illustrated—February 24, 2014

A Simple Step to Cut Diabetes Costs
Wall Street Journal—February 23, 2014

6 Best Investments in Your Health
Yahoo! Health—February 15, 2014

Heels Are Part of Hoops Coaches' Game Plan
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review—February 15, 2014

How to Keep Your Feet From Aching
WebMD—February 11, 2014


Foot Binding, American Style
Newsweek—January 30, 2014 

Flip-flops and Snow Don't Mix: Winter Foot-health Advice
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel—January 28, 2014

Fighting Falls with Feedback: Virtual Reality Training Improves Balance
Lower Extremity Review—January 23, 2014

Kicking Away Pesky Foot Problems
Chicago Tribune—January 17, 2014 

World's Weirdest: Maggot Mania
Nat Geo Wild—January 17, 2014 

Bunions in Children: When Is Bunion Surgery Needed?
Huffington Post—January 14, 2014 

Recognizing and Treating Plantar Warts
Yahoo! Voices—January 13, 2014 

Why the Rise in Fatal Falls?
Sarasota Herald-Tribune—January 1, 2014



High Heels: Fashionably Dangerous
San Diego Union-Tribune—December 3, 2013

A Holiday Survival Guide For Strappy Sandals Lovers
Los Angeles Magazine—December 2, 2013


10 Things Your Feet Say About Your Health
Prevention—November 28, 2013

The 7 Worst Health Habits Ever
FITNESS Magazine—November 13, 2013 

Comfort Shoes Aren’t Necessarily Good for You
The Washington Post—November 11, 2013

When Should Your Child Start Wearing Shoes?
Chicago Tribune—November 6, 2013


Power Shoes: Choosing the Right Footwear for Climbing the Corporate Ladder
San Francisco Chronicle—October 27, 2013

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