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Podiatric medical students stand at the beginning of a life-long journey of education and training. Let APMA help you take the first steps in your future career.

Podiatric medical students enjoy free membership to APMA. If you haven't opted-in to membership yet, do so now.


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PodMed Student Webinar: How to Present Yourself as a Physician Online and In-Person

Join APMA Student Intern Alisha Joshi, residency director and APMA young physician member Ellianne Nasser, DPM, and APMSA Student Liaison to the Board of Trustees Tushar Singh as they host APMA's next PodMed Student Webinar covering the topic of presenting yourself as a physician on and offline. This webinar will include extensive Q&A from attendees, so bring your best questions to the discussion! The webinar is being held Monday, September 27, 2021 at 8 p.m. ET and is free to all APMA student members. Registration is now available.

Residency Interview Resources 

APMA PodMed Student Q&A: How To Prepare for Residency Interviews

Recorded December 8, 2020

APMA Podcast: Preparing for Residency Interviews 

Dr. Luke Kovatch, residency program director at Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, shares insight and advice for students preparing for residency interviews.

APMA Podcast · Preparing for Residency Interviews

PodMed Student Webinars

How to Prepare for Your First Two Years of Podiatric Medical College

Recorded May 1, 2020

How to Excel in Your First Two Years of Podiatric Medical College

Recorded August 12, 2020

How to Prepare for Externships

Recorded July 22, 2020

How to Prepare for Residency

Recorded June 1, 2020

Additional Student Resources

APMA Student Member Logo
Show off your APMA student membership by adding the APMA Student Member logo to your email signature! The logo is available to download in a resizable format both as a jpg and a png file.

APMA’s Lauge-Hansen Ankle Fractures iBook
Being able to make an accurate diagnosis of an ankle fracture can be challenging for a variety of reasons. Part of the difficulty arises because of the complex anatomy of the area and the rotational mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of the different injuries. APMA’s Lauge-Hansen Ankle Fractures iBook provides a new, innovative approach to this complex topic. Interactive modules allow the reader to view the relationships between the bones and ligaments of the ankle, providing a more comprehensive understanding of ankle fractures. This APMA iBook is available to download for FREE for all Apple users, in the Apple bookstore.

Learn about all things podiatric medicine with PodMedAdventures' YouTube channel and Instagram. PodMedAdventures is available to all current and prospective podiatry students. 

APMA offers a scholarship for third- and fourth-year students. The application period starts in the fall and runs through early April each year.

Young Physician Transition Series
Find support for life after podiatric medical college from the resources available here. It’s never too soon to explore these tools.

The American Podiatric Medical Students' Association (APMSA) 
The APMSA represents all students enrolled at the nine colleges of podiatric medicine.

Certification and Membership Organizations in Podiatry
This detailed guide explains the differences between certifying boards and membership organizations, listing organizations within the APMA family and those outside the APMA umbrella.

APMA News online 
Learn more about what's happening at APMA and other information on current podiatric topics, in this exclusive member benefit. 

Access to JAPMA online 
The preeminent and award-winning peer-reviewed journal for foot and ankle physicians and surgeons

Complimentary Registration for The National
Held each July, this four-day event is a great opportunity to learn from nationally renowned experts and network with residency directors.

Special Savings
Receive deep discounts on technology, financial, travel, and other services.

Professional Purchase Programs
Products with the APMA Seal are available to members, many at discounted rates.

Student Recruitment Toolkit
A wealth of resources designed to help members and other stakeholders take an active role in recruiting students and promoting the profession. 

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