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Tips for Healthy Feet

Tips for Healthy FeetGet advice on how to care for your feet, including how to select the perfect shoes for a variety of activities and how to get a pedicure safely. These helpful pointers are sure to keep you and your family in step with good foot health.

Foot Care Tips

  • Holiday Foot Care
    You may be doing a lot of walking, dancing, standing and sitting in one position throughout the holiday season. Learn how to care for your feet so they can carry you through all those seasonal celebrations and chores.
  • Pedicure Pointers
    Whether you like to get a pedicure in the nail salon or at home, follow these easy tips to keep your feet looking and feeling their best.
  • Summer Foot Care
    Get tips for protecting your feet from the summer heat.
  • Winter Foot Care
    It's important to take care of your feet all winter long. Get tips for keeping feet healthy in several common winter scenarios.

Footwear Selection Tips

  • Avoiding a Sandal Scandal
    This tip sheet will help you avoid a beach blunder this summer by addressing all your footwear woes.
  • Balance-Boosting Footwear Tips for Older People
    Good physical balance can help older people avoid the debilitating and potentially life-threatening complications of a fall. Follow these tips to select shoes to improve your balance.
  • Buying Children's Footwear
    Several tips on buying back-to-school shoes for your child, as well as a simple "1,2,3 Test" to determine the safety of any shoe.
  • Choosing Shoes for Sports
    Sport-specific shoes can really affect the way you play. Avoid some serious pain and raise your game by checking out the best shoes for each sport.
  • Flip-Flops
    Avoid foot pain and other flip-flop fiascos with these essential tips on shopping for and wearing flip-flops.
  • Footwear for Teenagers
    Advice for teens on how to get great fitting shoes.
  • Which Running Shoe is Right for You?
    One of the first steps to healthy running is wearing supportive running shoes. APMA has information which might help determine which athletic shoe is right for your foot type.
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