Young Physicians

Young Physician LogoAPMA young physicians are those podiatrists who graduated from podiatric medical school within the past 10 years. This group includes residents. 

The needs of APMA young physicians are diverse; however, they share the commonality of having graduated within the past decade and are likely still finding their place in podiatry, paying off student loans, exploring leadership opportunities, and possibly seeking mentors in the field

To better serve this group of members, APMA leadership established the Young Physicians’ Program. All APMA members who are within their first 10 years out of school are, by definition, part of the Young Physicians’ Program. The program is steered by the Young Physicians’ Leadership Panel. The Young Physicians’ Program makes available numerous opportunities for new practitioners.

APMA gratefully acknowledges the support of PICA, founding partner of the Young Physicians' Program, and our contributing partners:

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