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Student Recruitment Tool Kit

Step Into PodiatryIn March 2018, the APMA House of Delegates approved resolution 9-18, which directed the association to devote significant funding and staff resources to student recruitment. APMA conducted a massive market research effort among current and prospective students and developed a strategic recruitment plan based on the outcomes of that research. APMA is spearheading a profession-wide recruitment effort, Step Into Podiatry, designed to attract more and better-qualified students to our schools.

APMA's research confirmed what many in the profession had long suspected: Firsthand exposure to podiatry plays a significant role in generating interest in careers in podiatric medicine. Students who have received care from a podiatrist or who shadow a podiatrist are more likely to apply to podiatric medical school. APMA encourages every podiatrist to become a mentor and allow prospective students to shadow you in practice! Click the button below, then select "Become a Podiatry Mentor" at the bottom of the page. 

Become a Mentor

In this tool kit, members and other stakeholders will find a wealth of resources designed to help them take an active role in recruiting students and promoting the profession. 

APMA's Student Recruitment Advertising & Marketing Campaign Update

The Step Into Podiatry campaign has reached millions of prospective students since its official launch in 2020. A few highlights:

  • Reached more than 20 million prospective students to date.
  • Generated more than 730,000 visits to
  • Produced more than 2,000 mentor requests.

Customizable PowerPoint Presentation

This presentation provides an accessible overview of a career in podiatric medicine and surgery. It's perfect for presentations to prehealth high school and undergraduate students. Customize the slide deck with a description of your own practice and images that capture your exciting, challenging, fulfilling career in medicine.

Printable Flyer

Download and save this ready-to-print, double-sided flyer to hand out either in your office or at career day events! This flyer highlights elements of the profession that prospective students find the most appealing and encourages them to learn more at

Participating in a student recruitment event or career fair? Bring Step into Podiatry branded pens and stickers with you! Complete the recruitment materials request form and have items shipped to your door in 7-10 business days. 

Branded Recruitment Advertisement

Download and share this branded recruitment advertisement with colleagues and members letting them know how they can get involved with student recruitment! Email it to your component membership, or place it directly in your membership newsletter to help spread the word about the resources available to support them in in their recruitment efforts.

Recruitment Video

This short video features current podiatric residents and students sharing what they love most about podiatry! Designed to be played independently in office waiting rooms, or at career day events with prospective students, the video provides a brief overview of the educational path to becoming a podiatrist, as well as highlighting the variety of practice types, patients, and specialties within the profession.

Become a Mentor in the Mentor Network

No one is better suited to talk about the benefits of a career in podiatry than current podiatrists. APMA is asking you to do your part for student recruitment by joining the Mentor Network. You can now opt in through your account profile on, making the process easier than ever:

  • Click here.
  • Scroll down; select the box next to “Become a Podiatry Mentor.”
  • Click “Save.”

Looking to help spread the word about the Mentor Network? Download the flyer here.

Promoting Student Recruitment on Social Media

Social media is critical to student recruitment, as it's where our recruitment messaging has the potential to reach a number of prospective students interested in a career in medicine. And who better to share that messaging than current podiatric medical students, and members of the profession! Organic social media content highlighting the profession already exists, and helping to share it goes a long way in featuring our current members of the profession while appealing to our ideal target audience. 

Social media best practices for student recruitment

Sample recruitment posts for social media (1)

Sample recruitment posts for social media (2) 

Sample recruitment posts for social media (3)

Sample recruitment posts for social media (4)

Student Recruitment Task Force: 

Task force Chair - Patrick DeHeer, DPM, APMA Board of Trustees

APMA Board of Trustees Liaison - Scott Hughes, DPM

APMA President - Laura Pickard, DPM

AACPM - Kevin Smith, DPM

AACPM - Stephanie Wu, DPM

AACPM - Mori North

ACFAS - Alan MacGill, DPM

ABFAS - Michael Dujela, DPM

ABPM - Lee Rogers, DPM

ACPM - Jarrod Shapiro, DPM

ASPE - Derek Dalling

APMSA - Marit Sivertson, JD

APMSA Student Representative - Elizabeth Cook

Resident Representative - Black Wallace, DPM

Industry Representative - Ross Taubman, DPM

APMA Staff Representatives: James R. Christina, DPM; Peggy Tresky, MA; Tiffany Kildale

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