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Implus LLC

Implus LLC

2001 T.W. Alexander Drive
Box 13925
Durham, NC 27709

Visit the company’s website: Implus LLC


  • Airplus Aloe Sock (Women)
  • Airplus Amazing Active Gel (Women)
  • Airplus Extreme Active Gel (Men)
  • Airplus FLAT FEET (Men)
  • Airplus FLAT FEET (Women)
  • Airplus Gel Heel Pad
  • Airplus MEMORY FOAM (Men)
  • Airplus MEMORY FOAM (Women)
  • Airplus PLANTAR FASCIA (Men)
  • Airplus PLANTAR FASCIA (Women)
  • Airplus Plantar Fascia Sleeve (L/XL)
  • Airplus Plantar Fascia Sleeve (S/M)
  • Airplus Save My Soles
  • Airplus Skinny Comfort (Women)
  • Airplus Super Gel (Men)
  • Airplus Super Gel (Women)
  • Airplus WORK (Men)
  • Airplus WORK (Women)
  • Sof Comfort All-Day Work (Men)
  • Sof Comfort Heavy Duty Boot (Men)
  • Sof Comfort Plantar Fascia (Full Length Men)
  • Sof Comfort Plantar Fascia (Full Length Women)
  • Sof Comfort Sport (Men)

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