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PolyGel LLC

PolyGel LLC

PolyGel LLC
30 Leslie Court
Whippany, NJ 07981
Fax 973-884-1331

Visit the company’s website: PolyGel LLC


  • All Gel Digital Cap (Gel Smart #1075-M)
  • All Gel Toe Corrector S/M
  • All Gel Toe Separator With Loop S
  • All Gel Toe Tube
  • Arch Care Collection
  • Bunion Care Collection
  • Customizable Bunion Toe Spreader (1315-M-00CTZ-OG)
  • Customizable Double Loop Toe Corrector (S/M–1040-M-02CTZ-OG and L/XL–1040-M-04CTZ-OG)
  • Customizable Gel Advanced Toe Spreader (S/M–1035-0-02CTZ-OG and L/XL–1030-M-04CTZ-OG)
  • Customizable Toe Crest-Left (S/M–3037-M-02CTZ-LF)
  • Customizable Toe Crest-Right (S/M – 3037-M-02CTZ-RF and L/XL – 3037-M-04CTZ-RF)
  • Customizable Toe Relief with Looptec Technology (S–1037-M-02CTZ-OG; M–1038-M-03CTZ-OG and L–1039-M-04CTZ-OG)
  • Digital Care Collection
  • Double Bunion Spreader
  • Double Looped Toe Corrector
  • Forefoot Care Collection
  • General Footcare Collection
  • Heel Cushioning Collection
  • M-Gel Sandal Spreader
  • M-Gel 1/2 Coated Digital Tube
  • M-Gel 6" Mesh Full Coated Tube
  • M-Gel 6" RIB Full Coated Tube
  • M-Gel Bunion Relief Sleeve – Extra Protection
  • M-Gel Bunion Relief Sleeve – Thin Dress
  • M-Gel Digital Cap
  • M-Gel Digital Pad On A Strip
  • M-Gel Dots with Adhesive Backing
  • M-Gel Double Bunion Met Sleeve
  • M-Gel Rolled Digital Pads
  • M-Gel Seamless Knit Digital Cap- L/XL
  • M-Gel Toe Separators
  • M-Gel Toe Spreader
  • M2-Gel 5th Digit Corn Pad
  • M2-Gel All Gel 5th Toe Bunion Guard
  • M2-Gel All Gel Hallux Toe Bunion Guard
  • M2-Gel All Gel Spreader with Toe Loop
  • M2-Gel All Gel Toe/Finger Rings (Gel Smart Item #1027-M)
  • M2-Gel Bunion Toe Spreader
  • M2-Gel Metatarsal Pad with Toe Loop
  • M2-Gel Universal Toe Crest
  • P-Gel Bunion Button with Cover
  • P-Gel Comfort Sole
  • P-Gel Sandal Sole
  • PU Gel Flexible 3/4 Length Dress Insole
  • PU Gel Flexible Ball of Foot Cushion
  • PU Gel Flexible Heel Cushion
  • S-Gel Dress Bunion Relief Sleeve with Gel Met Pad
  • S-Gel Low Profile Heel Cushion – Waffle Design
  • S-Gel Medium Recovery Heel Cup – Soft Spur Spot
  • S-Gel Medium Recovery Heel Cups – Soft Center Spot
  • S-Gel Posted Heel Wedge – Soft Spur Spot
  • S-Gel Self Adhesive SGel with Clear Film Top
  • S-Gel Self Adhesive SGel with Fabric Top
  • S-Gel Self-Adhesive Silicone Heel Cups
  • S-Gel Thin Forefoot Cushion
  • S-Gel Traditional Design Heel Wedge w/Removable Spur
  • S-Gel Ultra Thin Self-Adhesive Gel Sheeting
  • Self Adhesive Silicone Gel Sheeting (Gel Smart Item #3075-S)
  • Universal Toe Relief With Looptek

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