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Podiatrists: First Responders for Vascular Disease

Podiatrists: First Responders for Vascular Disease

LogoMany are aware of the risk factors of heart disease. However, fewer are aware that the blockages that can cause heart disease affect more than coronary arteries—they can also affect other arteries throughout your body. This condition is called vascular disease. Signs and symptoms for vascular disease often first appear in your feet. 

Luckily, today's podiatrists are uniquely qualified among medical professionals to diagnose vascular disease based on their education, training, and experience.

Learn more about your risk for vascular disease with APMA's new "Podiatrists: First Responders For Vascular Disease" campaign. A suite of patient education materials are available, including a poster, customizable newsletter, and videos.

If you have a suspicious spot on your foot or ankle and are at risk for vascular disease, make an appointment with a podiatrist near you!

For Patients

  • An Overview
    What is peripheral arterial disease?
  • Learn the Signs of Vascular Ulcers
    Vascular disease can commonly appear in the form of an ulcer. Learn the different signs and symptoms of each one. 
  • Vascular Disease and Your Feet
    This video helps you understand vascular disease and its relationship to your feet.
  • What's Your Risk?
    Find out if you are at risk for vascular disease by taking this short quiz!
  • Becoming a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
    Learn more about the exciting careers available in podiatric medicine.
  • Join the Conversation
    Follow us on TwitterFacebookGoogle+, and LinkedIn to hear more about topics related to foot health year-round.

For APMA Members

  • Digital Toolkit
    Download a digital toolkit with customizable campaign materials to use in your state.
  • Special Edition Footprints
    Download the new special edition of APMA's member-to-patient newsletter.
  • Educational Brochures
    Our Promote Your Practice resource page includes a digital educational brochure on peripheral arterial disease.
  • Surveys and Studies
    APMA has commissioned several studies related to foot health. Share notable statistics in media interviews and on social media.
  • Journal Articles
    Search JAPMA Online for the latest research in PAD.

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