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It's time. You’re vaccinated and taking the proper precautions to protect yourself from COVID-19. It’s time to get back to life and back in your game. Time to develop healthier habits. Time to protect your family by paying attention to your diabetes.

“Diabetes is a huge concern for members of the Hispanic community,” said Javier LaFontaine, DPM, MS, an APMA-member podiatrist in Dallas, TX. “If you are Hispanic, your risk of developing diabetes is twice as high as a white American’s risk. And a wide variety of factors, from language barriers to insurance coverage, may make it more difficult to manage your diabetes.”

Diabetes can have serious consequences, including ulcers on your feet, infections, amputation, and even death. But there are simple steps that can help prevent complications in your feet:

  • It’s time to do a daily foot check. Look for minor injuries and changes to temperature, color, and even hair growth. If you notice a problem, see a podiatrist right away.
  • It’s time to stop depending on home remedies. See a podiatrist for proper diagnosis and regular care.
  • It’s time to get back in your game. Check with your podiatrist before you return to sports and other activities for advice on how to avoid injuries. When you have diabetes, even a minor foot injury can mean big trouble.
  • It’s time to cut back the comfort foods. Healthy food is medicine, and small changes can have a big impact for your diabetes. Monitor your blood sugar and see a primary care doctor regularly.
  • It’s time to see a podiatrist for regular diabetic foot exams at least once a year. Ask about telehealth options that will allow you to include your spouse or a family member.

Watch more from Dr. LaFontaine: 

More information for people with diabetes: 

  • An Overview: What is diabetes? What is peripheral neuropathy? What is a diabetic foot ulcer?
  • How Diabetes Affects Your Health: Watch this short video to learn how diabetes can affect your overall health.
  • How Diabetes Affects Your Feet: Check out this video on peripheral neuropathy, or nerve damage in the feet, as a result of diabetes. 
  • Diabetes Footwear and Products: View our podiatrist-approved products for managing and treating diabetes.
  • Learn from our experts: APMA spokesperson Jane Andersen, DPM, joined the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists' podcast, The Huddle, speaking on the importance of diabetes care by a podiatrist. Listen here! APMA Trustee David Alper, DPM, shared his advice with a patient in an interview produced by the American Diabetes Association. 
  • What the CDC Has to Say: Check out information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Taking Charge of Your Diabetes. 
  • Join the Conversation: Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to hear more about topics related to diabetes and foot health year-round. Don't forget to mention APMA or use the hashtags #EsHora #ItsTime!

For APMA Members, State Components, and Affiliated Organizations

Individual members and practices can make use of the resources in our digital toolkit to promote their expertise and educate current and prospective patients. These downloadable resources include social media posts, a press release, a feature story, social media graphics and logos, a tip sheet, physician referral letter, and a special edition of Footprints.

Note: Members in New York should contact NYSPMA Executive Director Dan Kline for materials customized to your needs.

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