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Bunion Blues and Shoes

Bunions can be painful, unsightly, and in some cases debilitating, but you can Beat Bunion Blues with your footwear choices! While shoes don’t cause a bunion, they do aggravate feet already prone to developing one.

Bunion Basics

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Tight Toes

Peep-and pointed-toe heels and flats are some of bunions' closest allies! The tight toe-box in many of these types of shoes crunches toes together and leads to a slight or severe realignment of the big toe, resulting in a bunion.

High Heels

Any heel over two inches in height results in a shifting of your body weight forward, putting incredible pressure on the ball of your feet and toes. Some studies suggest as much as seven times the normal amount of pressure! All of this extra weight buddies up with a bunion.

Flat Feet

If you already have low arches, you're prone to develop a bunion, and frequently wearing a ballet flat type of shoe with no arch support can worsen it. While flats feel more comfortable than heels, they can be just as friendly to forming a bunion. 

Style Squeeze

Unfortunately, trendy shoes are not always the smartest shoes! APMA has awarded its Seal of Acceptance to a closet-full of podiatrist-approved women’s footwear that provides ample toe room, proper heel height, and supportive arches. Beat Bunion Blues by making smart shoe selections. See the latest list of APMA Seal Accepted footwear.

If all of your shoes have become painful due to a bunion, it’s time to visit today’s podiatrist.

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