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APMA News is a bimonthly member magazine written for, about, and by podiatric medical professionals.

APMA Weekly Focus
APMA Weekly Focus is the weekly digital newsletter for APMA members. Featuring the latest news and information from all areas of the association, APMA Weekly Focus is the must-read publication to be in-the-know about all things APMA.

APMA News Brief
The News Brief is a weekly publication that compiles news and information from the mainstream media about health care, foot health, and podiatric medicine. Read your News Brief weekly to stay up to date about how your profession is being covered in the media.

APMA Resident Rounds
APMA Resident Rounds is APMA's monthly digital newsletter for residents. It provides updates and links to important news and resources on career choices, educational tools, advice from mentors, opportunities for residents, and more.

Your APMA is the bimonthly publication for young physicians. It features information, guidance, and perspectives tailored to podiatrists 10 years or fewer out of medical school.

Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association
JAPMA is the preeminent and award-winning scientific journal for America's foot and ankle physicians and surgeons.

Footprints Newsletter
Footprints is a downloadable newsletter produced four times a year for patients. Podiatrists may download Footprints and print for use in their offices or at community events.

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