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Corporate Member Program

Corporate Partners, Leaders, and Associates

APMA gratefully acknowledges the companies in our Corporate Member Program and their commitment to excellence in the podiatric medical community. Visit their websites to learn more about their products, services, and efforts to promote quality foot health.

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Become a Corporate Member 

Join the approximately 50+ companies—ranging from the athletic footwear business to the pharmaceutical industry—each year that amplify their visibility through targeted sponsorship and grant opportunities within our Corporate Member Program. Joining the program not only provides increased visibility in print and online, but also access to the vast majority of the licensed podiatrists in the country. Your support also promotes increased credibility and positions you as a leader in your product area.

Membership begins at the entry level of $2,500, and can extend up to the $125,000 range, as shown in the chart below. Corporate members, beginning at the $10,000 level, have the opportunity to restrict their support to a special project or may provide general, unrestricted support to our continuing medical education programs. The Annual Scientific Meeting, Young Physicians' Institute, Residency Education Resource Center, Coding Resource Center, and the Regional Lecture Series are just a few of the special projects and programs organized by APMA. Contact Tina Carter, director of corporate and foundation relations, for details on other programs.

Program Levels and Benefits

APMA provides its members and the public an array of services and programs that promote podiatric medicine in addition to good foot and ankle health. Each special project offers unique benefits that provide greater exposure for the sponsor.

BENEFIT Partner Leader Associate
$125,000 $100,000 $25,000  $5,000  $2,500
Individually-tailored recognition *
Highest level of recognition at The National and on APMA website * *
Eligibility to host high-visibility non-CECH events * * *
Eligibility to sponsor individual APMA programs * * * *
Complimentary/discounted advertising * * 50% off 25% off
Complimentary/discounted member data * * 70% off 60% off 50% off
Company profile in APMA News

new corporate members only

Company name with hyperlink from APMA website to company homepage * * * * *
Permission to use APMA Partner/Leader/Associate logo * * * * *
Company name featured in APMA News (circulation 14,500) * * * * *
Complimentary subscription to APMA ePublications and APMA News * * * * *
Invitation to corporate reception at The National * * * * *

Additional Information

For more information about projects and giving levels, or if you have questions, email the Development department. Please include your name, company name, phone number, and address.

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