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COVID-19 Updates - Private Payer Telehealth / Telemedicine Coverage Policies

Last Updated: April 2, 2020

Members can find relevant information below related to specific commercial payers’ telemedicine / telehealth coverage (and whether or not it has expanded) during the COVID-19 national public health crisis. To see all of APMA’s COVID-19 resources, visit

To date, many states have taken action to remove policy barriers to telehealth / telemedicince utilization to address this pandemic. View the Center for Connected Health Policy resource page for information on state actions.

To see APMA’s resource page on providing E/M services via non-face-to-face services, visit

Caution/Documentation Reminder: As information and coverage are changing almost daily and the information via these links will be updated, leaving no reference to the previous policy, APMA recommends the following steps to protect yourself and ensure that you have the documentation you need in an audit:

  1. Prior to providing non-face-to-face services for a patient, first check the non-face-to-face services policy of the patient's insurance policy
  2. Print or save via PDF a time-stamped copy of that policy, and place in the patient’s record for future reference in the event of denial or an audit

APMA will add more commercial payer policies as they become available. Please note that coverage varies by individual policy. 

If you know of a coverage policy for an insurer not listed below, please email the APMA Health Policy and Practice Department at

Currently Available Commercial Payer Policies for Telehealth / Telemedicine Coverage

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