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APMA Engage: The Essential Member App

Everything you need to know about the The National, July 13–16 in Nashville, TN, is accessible in the palm of your hand with the APMA Engage app. With APMA Engage, you can ...

  • search and filter educational sessions by audience;
  • filter exhibitors by product type;
  • access floor plans and the exhibit hall map;
  • sort exhibitor listings;
  • participate in social media conversations; and
  • learn more about our host property and destination!

Download from iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

Additionally, you can receive breaking news alerts, have one-on-one conversations with other registered attendees, or partake in meeting-wide discussions, and find essential information about our host property and location.

Please note that APMA Engage is an updated version of the APMA Meetings app. If you used the app at previous Nationals, you are all set! Simply select the 2023 Annual Scientific Meeting when you open the app. (Note: the meeting information will not be available until July.)

APMA Engage lets you make the most of your membership and brings a host of benefits to the palm of your hand year-round:

  • Newsfeed from APMA.org as well as the latest issue of APMA News
  • Find a Podiatrist/Find a Member
  • The APMA Podcast
  • Quick links to eAdvocacy, Seal Products, JAPMA, Young Physician Transition Series, and Step Into Podiatry
  • Links to APMA social media channels
  • Push notifications to alert you to breaking news and important calls to action

Download APMA Engage today!