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Housing Alert for The National

Each year, APMA receives reports from members and exhibitors that companies claiming to be affiliated with The National or the host hotel have contacted them with offers to book discounted rooms. This year is no exception. We have been advised that several unaffiliated companies have again been aggressively pursuing attendees of the APMA 2023 Annual Scientific Meeting in Nashville, TN, with discounted hotel rooms through their company.

Please be advised that the only way to book a room for The National this year is through the information provided by APMA.

For your own protection, do not make reservations through any other housing provider or travel company. Many reports of false and deceptive activities by these companies abound; some things to be aware of:

  • Many of these companies cannot guarantee a reservation because they do not have contracts for room blocks with our conference hotel. They will contact a housing wholesaler to see if anything is available to resell to you.
  • Legitimate wholesalers cannot knowingly book show attendees into the show block. Only the official show housing provider can book within our room block. If the hotel determines that an attendee has been solicited or contacted by a wholesaler, they may increase the room rate to match or exceed the group rate or the reservation may be cancelled. A rate quote from a room broker is not a guaranteed rate.
  • Rooms booked through unauthorized housing companies most often are to be fully prepaid. Rather than a one-night or no deposit, an unauthorized company may require non-refundable payment of the full cost for the entire stay for each room booked at the time of booking. NEVER give your credit card information unless you are 100-percent certain you know who is on the other end to prevent unauthorized use of your information.
  • Reservation confirmations and numbers are often not available from these companies until less than a week before the arrival date. Even then, these may not guarantee that a room will be available when you arrive.
  • Name changes on reservations with unofficial wholesalers/room brokers may be difficult or impossible to make.
  • Our staff will not be able to assist attendees and exhibitors who have reserved rooms outside the block if problems result from booking through an unauthorized company.

Of course, this causes significant hardship and inconvenience to the individuals and their companies. Reservations made other than through the information provided by APMA will be at your own risk. If you have been contacted by another company purporting to represent one of our host hotels or APMA, please report them at 301-581-9200 or thenational@apma.org.

We look forward to seeing you at The National!