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R. Daniel Davis, DPM, Installed as APMA President

March 20, 2016

R. Daniel Davis, DPMOn Sunday, March 20, R. Daniel Davis, DPM, was installed as president of APMA by Marc Lederman, DPM. Dr. Davis addressed the house, outlining APMA’s accomplishments and his goals for the coming year. He promised his high energy and passion for podiatry as the cornerstone of his presidency.

Dr. Davis lauded APMA’s successful advocacy on behalf of members, highlighting that APMA prepared members with ICD-10 tools and resources years before it was implemented. He underscored APMA’s unique value to its members. “No other organization advocates for our members, protects the rights of our members, and strives to achieve parity for our members the way APMA does.”

Dr. Davis told delegates it is time for all of us to work together to make a difference. “Passion by itself may not get us too far,” he said. “Passion needs focus, direction, and most of all, commitment.” Among the important issues Dr. Davis plans to address during his presidency are student recruitment, the Pathway to Parity and APMA’s legislative agenda, our strategic plan, and our governance report. “By increasing our membership we will gain strength,” he said. “There is strength in unity.”

In closing, Dr. Davis pledged his energy and commitment to APMA. “I promise you my passion. We will do great things this year—and we will make a difference.” Read the full transcript of Dr. Davis’ speech in the March-April issue of APMA News.

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