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Available Now: The APMA Registry

July 27, 2017

Report on these 11 quality measuresAfter 15 months of research and development, the APMA Registry is ready for launch. The registry has been approved by CMS as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry for 2017. It will allow APMA members to complete attestations for the advancing care information (ACI) and clinical practice improvement activities (CPIA) components of MIPS for the 2017 performance year.

The registry will collect, sort, and analyze patient care data. Users are able to benchmark their performance against their peers. APMA is in the process of integrating the registry with several EHR vendors. However, you do not need an EHR to take advantage of this free member benefit! You may now register with the APMA Registry and submit attestations for the approved components for the 2017 performance year.

If you are interested in using the APMA Registry, come to the APMA booth (#1027) today. APMA staff will upload your information into the registry and notify you when the process is complete.

In addition to assisting with MIPS participation, the registry will provide several long-term benefits to APMA and podiatry in general. The data collected can be used to assist in individual research, in specific industry data queries, to demonstrate the value of care by a podiatrist, and to help develop alternative payment methods.

Perhaps most importantly, the data the registry will amass will be valuable in APMA’s advocacy efforts on legislative and reimbursement topics as our health-care system continues to move toward a value-based payment method.

APMA is excited to share this tremendous benefit with its members. Get started by visiting the APMA booth (#1027) today or learn more at www.apma.org/registry.

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