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David G. Edwards, DPM, Installed as APMA President

March 17, 2019

David G. Edwards, DPM

On Sunday, March 17, David G. Edwards, DPM, was installed as APMA president by Mark F. Rogers, DPM. Dr. Edwards stated that his vision for the coming year is tied to the pioneering spirit of our country that is embodied in the profession.

Dr. Edwards expressed gratitude for podiatry’s inspirational pioneers, mentioning Irvin O. Kanat, DPM; Seward P. Nyman, DPM; Oliver Foster, DPM; and others. He shared some history of the profession dating back to 1895 New York with the Pedic Society, which still exists today as the New York State Podiatric Medical Association. “Our identity as an organization and a profession is a topic that carries us from a visionary past to a mindful present,” he said.

Political action is something all members must embrace, he emphasized, mentioning APMA’s legislative victories. “Our keen awareness in the present has also led us to unprecedented legislative success.” He also touched on the importance of student engagement. Dr. Edwards teaches one period per semester at Utah State University and got his start shadowing with Dr. Rogers’ father, L. Flake Rogers, DPM. “Shadowing is our secret weapon,” he noted.

In closing, Dr. Edwards said, “I hope you will join me this year in giving thanks for the trailblazers of the past, embracing the challenges of the present, and designing a bold plan for the future.”

Read the full transcript of Dr. Edwards’ speech in the March–April issue of APMA News.

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