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New Partnership to Enhance MIPS and Registry Offerings

July 13, 2019

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At the 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting in Washington, DC, APMA shared the news that the association was investigating the best way to bring its members a podiatry-specific EHR that would integrate with our registry. This year, President David G. Edwards, DPM, announced that APMA, NextGen Healthcare, Inc., and Darena Solutions have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding that defines a forthcoming partnership.

This partnership will benefit podiatrists by combining the power of your national association, a data registry, a MIPS-focused app, and an electronic health record. In view of the partnership with NextGen® Office and its potential to strengthen the APMA Registry while offering expanded services to members, APMA encourages members to consider using NextGen as their preferred EHR provider.

“The APMA Registry and MIPS app are putting money back in members’ pockets,” said Dyane Tower, DPM, MPH, MS, director of Clinical Affairs. APMA members using APMA tools for the 2018 reporting year collectively saved more than $1 million. The number will go up for performance year 2019, with MIPS eligible member podiatrists potentially facing at least $6,300 in penalties. “This partnership will create an unmatched suite of tools to support our members as they participate in MIPS and will help the profession collect robust data to demonstrate its value to the health-care system,” Dr. Tower said.

Look for more to come about this partnership in APMA’s regular publications.



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