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Want Data to Support Your Next Contract/Salary Negotiation?

December 14, 2020

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Want data that can help you negotiate a higher salary in your next job or benchmark your own performance? Participate in the Medical Group Management Association’s (MGMA) upcoming 2021 Provider Compensation and Production Survey that will open next month! Your participation in these surveys contributes to industry-leading benchmark data. These surveys not only provide valuable data for you, but also help to expose other health-care specialties to podiatry.

The surveys will open on January 4 and close on February 12. To help members prepare and gather the necessary data to participate in these extensive and detailed surveys participate in these surveys in 2020, APMA cohosted a webinar with MGMA to give advance guidance. Watch this webinar today to find out what you will need to report successfully. By participating in the survey, you’ll receive access to the survey results for free.

Why is benchmarking information important? It provides you with information you need to improve patient services and operational efficiencies and allows you to track your progress and compare yourself to industry standards. You can assess performance metrics such as:

  • physician compensation;
  • productivity;
  • number of patients;
  • staffing;
  • revenue;
  • operating expenses; and
  • accounts receivable.

For more information on physician compensation and RVUs, review presentations on RVUs and How to Market to Your Potential Employer and the ABCs of RVUs.

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