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Now Available: On-Demand CECH Opioid Program

October 27, 2021

APMA’s continuing medical education offerings are more accessible than ever. The latest on-demand CECH opportunity on the APMA Online Learning Center is an opioid/pain management-focused course, “Postoperative Opioid Prescribing Practice in Foot and Ankle Surgery,” with Brandon Brooks, DPM, MPH, and Bradley Brooks, DO (psychiatrist and addictionologist).

The program is based on Dr. Brooks’ research article by the same title, published in JAPMA in March 2021. This study is the largest cross-sectional study to-date conducted on the postoperative opioid prescribing practices of podiatrists.

The program’s learning objectives are:

  • Recognize the origins of the US opioid crisis and stakeholders
  • Understand MME and its role as a measure of opioid quantity
  • Discuss postoperative prescribing practice variation in foot and ankle surgery
  • Understand the M-O-R-P-H-I-N-E acronym for opioid stewardship programs

“This online CME allows you to discover how your postoperative opioid prescribing habits compare to podiatrists across the nation,” Dr. Brooks said. “As the opioid epidemic rages on, podiatrists are asking themselves how they can contribute to its resolution. With few national guidelines for acute pain, understanding how your prescribing practice stacks up to the national average is key.”

Be sure to check with your state board to determine if this activity will fulfill your state's specific licensure requirements. 

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