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APMA Meets with Consultant to Refine Private Insurance Strategy

March 7, 2022

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Last week, APMA met with its private insurance consultant to review activities regarding its private insurance advocacy and in line with our APMA strategic goals. Among the items discussed were: 

  • Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) Coding and Opportunities 
  • Medicare Advantage issues, including chart reviews, modifier policies, and E/M policies 
  • Comprehensive Diabetic Lower Extremity Exam (CDLEE) program advocacy 
  • Private Insurance and Contracting Education (webinar series and other resources) 
  • ACA Provider Nondiscrimination advocacy 
  • Outreach to private payers 

APMA reviewed the previous items in light of its ongoing strategic plan and discussed prioritization of these items and next steps to address member needs. More private insurance resources, including APMA’s Private Insurance Resource Guide, are available to APMA members at www.apma.org/privateinsurance.  

In addition, learn more about recent advocacy successes at www.apma.org/victories.

APMA continues to advocate for members! Learn more about APMA’s current health policy advocacy efforts related to Medicare Advantage chart reviews, -59 Modifier and At-Risk foot care claims, and provider nondiscrimination, among others.  

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