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Introducing APMA Weekly Focus Sponsor: Ortho Dermatologics

March 7, 2022

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APMA is proud to introduce Ortho Dermatologics, maker of JUBLIA®, as the 2022 sponsor of APMA Weekly Focus. Ortho Dermatologics is a corporate partner of APMA that has supported many initiatives for APMA members, including both CECH and non-CECH educational programs over the past decade. “We appreciate Ortho Dermatologics’ longstanding commitment to our profession,” said James R. Christina, DPM, APMA executive director and CEO, “and look forward to our collaboration this year.”

“Ortho Dermatologics is proud to support APMA and its more than 12,500 members across the nation through our support of the Weekly Focus,” said Richard Lajoie, vice president and general manager, Ortho Dermatologics. “From offering educational information to help improve care, to supporting professional advocacy, and providing helpful tools and resources for residents and podiatrists, this publication is an incredibly valuable resource that allows the podiatry community to continue to make meaningful and lasting differences for patients.”

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