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Awards Presented at 2022 APMA House of Delegates

March 12, 2022

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The APMA House of Delegates meeting is an opportunity not only to come together to create policy and priorities for the association, but also to celebrate the outstanding work of APMA members. During the meeting Saturday, several awards were presented.

Distinguished Service Citation 

Jeffrey R. DeSantis, DPM, APMA president, presented the Distinguished Service Citation, APMA’s highest honor, to Past President and Former Speaker of the House Jerauld D. Ferritto Jr., DPM, for his long and distinguished record of service to APMA and the profession. “There’s no one individual, single committee, or club that has done more for the profession than our national organization, APMA,” said Dr. Ferritto in accepting his award. “It is you who will take this profession to a more intense integration into the health-care system of this country.”  


President’s Award 

Dr. DeSantis presented the President’s Award to Alton R. Johnson Jr., DPM, in recognition of his enthusiastic commitment to the profession and its future. “I love my profession, I love our patients, I love my colleagues.” Dr. Johnson served on APMA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force as a liaison to APMA’s Public Health and Preventive Podiatric Medicine Committee, and he is a member of the Young Physician Leadership Panel. 


Award of Excellence 

Dr. DeSantis presented the Award of Excellence to Jondelle B. Jenkins, DPM, Illinois delegate. “One thing I don’t want you ever to forget is the power in this room,” said Dr. Jenkins. “It means a lot for our profession. The people in these chairs are guiding and molding the future of our profession, and it’s so nice to see the new delegates and alternates.” Dr. Jenkins has been a mentor to many and gives freely of her time to a wide array of professional boards such as the National Podiatric Medical Assistants Association and the APMA Educational Foundation. Dr. Jenkins served as APMA liaison on APMA’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force. 


Glenn B. Gastwirth, DPM, Leadership Award 

James R. Christina, DPM, APMA executive director and CEO, presented the Glenn B. Gastwirth, DPM, Leadership Award to Marit Sivertson, JD, in recognition of her outstanding leadership as executive director of multiple state component organizations and the American Podiatric Medical Students’ Association. Siverston graciously accepted the award, underscoring her long-term commitment to podiatric medicine and surgery, dating to her childhood and her mother’s service to the Minnesota Podiatric Medical Association. 


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