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PatientPop’s Tips to Help APMA Members Stand Out in the Market

May 4, 2022

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When it comes to finding and choosing a health-care provider, online reputation is today’s word of mouth. Health-care consumers are making most of their decisions in a digital world—yet, according to recent PatientPop research, only one of three providers say strong online patient reviews are most important to their practice success.

Patients will tell you otherwise. In PatientPop's 2020 patient survey, 70 percent of patients say they check online reviews when looking for a provider, making it the number-one online resource. That reliance on others' opinions has only grown over time, and is now nearly universal: only 3.8 percent of patients say online reviews are not important.

With a commitment to continuous innovation, our trusted partner, PatientPop, delivers an all-in-one technology platform that eases and enhances every step of the patient journey, from online search to ongoing post-visit connections.

Learn a few tips to help you stand out in your market.

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