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Application Deadline Extended for CPA Financial Assistance Grant

October 6, 2022

October 19 calendar page

The APMA Center for Professional Advocacy is extending the deadline for applications for the CPA Financial Assistance Grant to October 19. Earlier this year, the application process for these grants was formalized and streamlined into a regularly recurring window for application, running from June 1 to September 15, to align with the Innovation Grant application period, and APMA’s fiscal year. These grants are meant to provide direct financial support to a state component society for its legal, state legislative, and regulatory initiatives. In order to evaluate whether or not your state component should apply for a CPA Assistance Grant, please consider the following:

Mandatory Eligibility Requirements:

  • The issue at hand has a national impact and broad-based consequences for the podiatric medical profession; and
  • The position of the applicant(s) is consistent with APMA Strategic Plan and policies.

Additional selection criteria that the CPA and APMA Board of Trustees (BOT) considers include:

  • Detailing the level of assistance being requested (the amount of money, a breakdown of how it will be spent)
  • How you believe the funds received will contribute to the success of your initiative
  • What other financial or other resources has the component contributed to the initiative?
  • What internal support is in place to assist the component to reach this goal?
  • Any non-financial contribution made by party(ies)
  • Any alternative remedies that have been pursued and exhausted;
  • What relationships, if any, with State Medical Society/State Osteopathic Society have been developed or improved upon since the previous CPA Assistance Grant was received

As a reminder, the application and use of money from a CPA Financial Assistance Grant can be used quite broadly. Examples below:

  • Public health awareness and education (including creation of materials for distribution, a media ad campaign)
  • Building and strengthening relationships with key legislators and other stakeholders (dinners, funding a lobby hill day or a white coat day for your members to participate in)
  • Funding the costs associated with expert and member testimony in front of the legislature to support a proposed bill
  • Funding a research study with clear and defined parameters and goals

However, the funds are not meant to support a fixed ongoing cost like the salary of staff, regular ongoing consultants or lobbyists, or the costs of regularly incurred administrative overhead.

In order to be considered for this grant, please complete the form found on States submitting a request must submit a 2022 State Component Self-Assessment as part of their application.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact Associate Director, Center for Professional Advocacy and Health Policy & Practice Gail Reese at


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