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Lidocaine Shortage Information and Resources

October 10, 2022

Lidocaine bottle

APMA is aware of the ongoing shortages of lidocaine and the significant impact that these shortages are having on members’ practices. While the causes of the shortage and potential solutions are complex and multifactorial, APMA has compiled the following resources for members who are facing lidocaine shortages.

These resources provide information on drug supply chain and shortage issues. The last listed link, ASHP Shortage List, is a searchable database. This database provides anticipated release dates for products. Note that the release date is when the product is available to distributors. Where your practice falls within the distributor's allocation process will determine when you receive product.

In terms of immediate options, APMA recommends the following:

  • Establish relationships with multiple distributors
  • Consider alternate local anesthetics when medically appropriate
  • Look to non-traditional sources such as dental suppliers
  • Draw up only the required amount of local anesthesia needed rather than filling the entire syringe when the syringe holds more than what is needed for the procedure

APMA will continue to monitor this concern and investigate solutions with policymakers and other impacted stakeholders.

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