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Grow Your Practice In 2023: The Health-Care Provider’s Checklist

February 21, 2023

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Is your practice set up to thrive in 2023 and beyond? Internet reviews have become today’s version of the traditional word-of-mouth recommendation—and at a much larger scale. In fact, 71 percent of patients say reading online reviews is their first step when searching for a new doctor, according to Software Advice.

More importantly, what patients find during their search can either drive preference or lead them to look elsewhere. Health-care practices that fail to invest time and resources into boosting their online reputation risk losing patients to practices that do.

APMA’s trusted partner, PatientPop, understands that between caring for patients and running your business, time seems stretched thin. That’s why it has put together a checklist of online marketing strategies to help streamline office work and give APMA members more time to focus on their patients.

With a commitment to continuous innovation, PatientPop delivers an all-in-one technology platform that eases and enhances every step of the patient journey, from online search to ongoing post-visit connections. Sign up to save $1,000 on your implementation fee.

Learn how PatientPop can help you drive business with your practice, maintain a positive online reputation, and automate patient communication to increase patient satisfaction and retention.

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