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Alabama Scope of Practice Modernized to Include the Ankle

May 15, 2023

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APMA is pleased and proud to announce that the Alabama Podiatric Medical Association (ALPMA) has succeeded in its long-term efforts to modernize the Alabama scope of practice statute. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) signed Senate Bill 28 into law on May 3, updating podiatrists’ scope to include the ankle. The bill will take effect August 1.

APMA’s Center for Professional Advocacy has worked tirelessly with ALPMA to bring about this exciting victory on behalf of our mutual members. This work took root nearly a decade ago at an APMA summit for the then-four states whose scope-of-practice laws did not allow podiatrists to treat the ankle. Since that time, South Carolina also has been successful in modernizing its scope bill, leaving only our colleagues in Massachusetts and Mississippi without ankle privileges. APMA continues to do battle for its members in those states, supporting the efforts of our component societies to bring their scope laws current with the education, training, and experience of today’s podiatrist. ALPMA is an outstanding example of what our members can accomplish together when they commit to the years of effort that go into effecting legislative change.

In the message announcing this hard-won victory, ALPMA’s Government Affairs Committee chair told members, “The next time you write your check for your APMA dues, remember it is the strength of the association that accomplishes things like this. Personally, I saw things behind the scenes that I was never aware our association was capable of. Your investment in the association reaps incredible returns. If you have colleagues that are not yet members of APMA, let them know what we accomplished and encourage them to join us.”

In sharing the news with APMA, ALPMA leadership expressed their gratitude toward APMA Past President Jeffrey DeSantis, DPM, for the priority he placed on modernizing scope of practice so that all 50 states have the ability to treat the ankle commensurate with our training. They would also like to thank APMA Senior Director, Center for Professional Advocacy and Health Policy and Practice Scott Haag, JD, MSPH, and Associate Director, Center for Professional Advocacy and Health Policy and Practice Gail Reese, JD, as well as former staff member Chad Appel, JD, for their valuable insights into the political process. And finally, ALPMA wishes to say a heartfelt “thank you” to all of the members of APMA who supported them in this journey to advance our profession. Together we truly accomplish so much more.

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