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Public Notice: Call for Third-Party Comments

October 30, 2023

We want to hear from you in marker

In accordance with the Council on Podiatric Medical Education’s procedures, interested individuals or institutions are invited to submit third-party comments with respect to the compliance of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Podiatric Medicine.

Comments must relate specifically to the council’s requirements as published in CPME 120, Standards and Requirements for Accrediting Colleges of Podiatric Medicine, which may be obtained at

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Podiatric Medicine is scheduled for a preaccreditation site visit December 11–14, 2023. The preaccreditation decision will take place at the spring 2024 CPME meeting. Third-party comments concerning the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Podiatric Medicine are due by November 15, 2023.

Signed comments received by the Council will be shared with the institution and members of the evaluation team prior to the visit. The institution is notified of third-party comments so it may have the opportunity to respond. The council will exercise its best efforts to keep confidential the identity of an individual or entity who submits a comment, unless the person or entity has specified in writing that it is permissible to reveal their identity. If confidentiality is appropriate, all correspondence with the institution will maintain this confidentiality. During its review of the college, the evaluation team considers third-party comments, if any, that relate to the accreditation standards.

Please submit third-party comments to:

Heather Stagliano, DHSc, Executive Director
Council on Podiatric Medical Education

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