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APMA Health Policy and Practice and Coding Committee Meet to Discuss This Year’s Goals

June 10, 2024

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Health Policy and Practice Committee Meeting

On June 1, APMA held its Health Policy and Practice in-person meeting, covering several key topics aimed at enhancing member engagement and education. During its discussion, the committee explored methods to educate members on code 11730, ensuring they are well-versed in its application and nuances. Additionally, the committee discussed many ways to engage young physicians and residents, recognizing that APMA may need to provide some health policy material directed toward young physicians. The committee also emphasized the importance of providing more education on accessing and checking MIPS Cost reports. Furthermore, the meeting included a comprehensive legislative report highlighting ongoing advocacy efforts and policy updates, alongside numerous other agenda items critical to the advancement of the profession. Keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks, as materials are compiled for members to view.

Coding Committee Meeting

On June 8, APMA held its virtual Coding Committee meeting, which included a productive discussion on coding issues nationwide. The committee covered topics for upcoming coding webinars, future programming development, and various coding challenges faced by podiatrists, such as the recent inappropriate denials of the J1010 code by payers. Watch for materials from the meeting to be prepared for members. If you have any coding questions, send them to coding.hpp@apma.org, and don't forget to check out recent coding updates at www.apma.org/coding.

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