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APMA Introduces Exclusive APMA Business Mastercard® to Deliver on Member Physicians’ Practice Needs

February 7, 2024

Rockville, Md., February 7, 2024—APMA proudly announces the launch of the APMA Business Mastercard®, a groundbreaking business card tailored exclusively for the unique financial needs of podiatric physicians and surgeons. This outstanding new benefit of APMA membership offers 5% cash back on podiatry supplies, up to unlimited 2.25% cash back on everything else, and an opportunity to get your APMA dues covered.

“The APMA Business Mastercard® is a game-changer for podiatric physicians, offering unparalleled benefits that directly address the unique needs of our profession,” said APMA Executive Director and CEO James R. Christina, DPM. “This innovative card provides practices with substantial cash-back rewards and a unique management platform to make managing your finances simple.”

Key Highlights of the APMA Business Mastercard®:

  • Cover 100% of APMA Membership Dues: The APMA Business Mastercard® offers a one-time opportunity for cardholders to earn a waiver of their annual APMA dues for unbeatable membership value.
  • Up to Unlimited 2.25% Cash Back: Enjoy the flexibility of earning up to 2.25% unlimited cash back on all purchases, empowering physicians to maximize their profit margins. 
  • 5% Cash Back On Podiatry Supplies & Equipment: Practices can earn 5% back on $5,000 of podiatry supplies and equipment every year as a cardholder. 
  • No Annual Fees: The APMA Business Mastercard® has no annual fees, making it a cost-effective choice for podiatry practices.
  • Included Expense Management Software: The included expense management platform allows businesses to issue free and unlimited cards to different users/departments/locations, manage all of their spend limits, track all of their spending in real-time, and request receipts or memos associated with each purchase.
  • No Effect on Personal Credit: Applying for the APMA Business Mastercard® has no impact on personal credit.

Member podiatrists are invited to apply for the APMA Business Mastercard® today at APMACard.com with no impact on personal credit, unlocking a new era of financial empowerment for the profession.

Important Notice:

The APMA Business Mastercard® is launched and managed by Affiniti Finance, Inc., an official partner specializing in financial services. Card issued by Patriot Bank N.A., Member FDIC, pursuant to license by Mastercard. As such, all rewards and program terms and conditions pertaining to the APMA Business Mastercard® are governed by Affiniti Finance, Inc. Affiniti Finance, Inc. is the program manager of the APMA Business Mastercard® and is solely responsible for its operations, including but not limited to card issuance, rewards, management, and customer service.

Cardholders are encouraged to review the comprehensive terms and conditions provided by Affiniti Finance, Inc., which can be accessed at affiniti.finance/legal

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