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Keep Active with Today's Podiatrist

Today's Podiatrist Keeps America Walking

Today's Podiatrist Keeps America Walking LogoAmericans are moving around more than ever. Whether it's Pilates, barre, or indoor cycling classes, there are a variety of fitness activities to keep everyone fit and healthy. But did you know that over half of Americans say foot pain restricts them from walking and exercising?

Luckily, today's podiatrists are uniquely qualified among medical professionals to treat the complex structure of the foot and ankle, based on their education, training, and experience. They can diagnose and treat injuries affecting the lower extremities, provide guidance on proper athletic footwear, prescribe custom orthotics, and evaluate biomechanics.

Learn more about staying active and healthy with APMA's new "Today's Podiatrist Keeps America Walking" campaign. A suite of patient education materials are available, including a poster, customizable newsletter, videos, and even a Pinterest board of athletic products that have earned the APMA Seal of Acceptance.

To learn more about foot health and sports, or if or your child is experiencing foot pain, find a podiatrist near you!

For Patients:

  • An Overview
    Learn about heel pain; bunions; Haglund's Deformity; sprains, strains, and fracturestendinitis; and shoe inserts.
  • Today's Podiatrist Keeps America Walking
    This poster helps identify common causes of foot pain. It's also available to print as a PDF.
  • Simple Foot Health Tips
    Foot pain keeping you from getting on your feet? Take a look at these tip sheets for blisters and heel pain
  • Which Running Shoe is Right for You?
    This quick guide is helpful for understanding the different foot types. Visit today's podiatrist for a thorough evaluation.
  • Easy Exercises
    Keep your feet and ankles in tip-top shape by watching these short videos!
  • Sports Footwear for Teenagers
    This overview includes a PDF tip sheet you can print and bring with you shoe shopping.
  • Winter Sports Enthusiasts
    Skiers, snowboarders, hockey players, and ice skaters should keep these tips in mind.
  • Meet Your Feet
    Did you know that when running, you can exert forces up to four times your body weight? Learn more in this fun video!
  • Podiatrist-Approved Shoes
    View the athletic footwear and products recommended by podiatrists on our APMA Pinterest account.
  • Becoming a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
    Learn more about the exciting careers available in podiatric sports medicine by taking a look at the career paths of Perry Julien, DPM, and Kirstyn Caldwell, DPM, captain, United States Air Force.
  • Join the Conversation
    Follow us on TwitterFacebookGoogle+, and LinkedIn to hear more about topics related to foot health year-round.

For APMA Members:

  • Digital Toolkit
    Contact APMA's Communications Department to request a digital toolkit with customizable campaign materials to use in your state.
  • Special Edition Footprints
    Download the new special edition of APMA's member-to-patient newsletter.
  • Surveys and Studies
    APMA has commissioned several studies related to foot health. Share notable statistics in media interviews and on social media.
  • Journal Articles
    Search JAPMA Online for the latest research in podiatric sports medicine.

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