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Today's Podiatrist Keeps America Active

Today’s Podiatrist is an expert in sports medicine. Podiatrists keep America active by keeping athletes of every age and ability on their feet and in the game.

The foot and ankle are very susceptible to sports injuries, from blisters to repetitive motion injuries to sprains and fractures. Podiatrists treat all those injuries, but more importantly, they can help you prevent them. To protect your feet and ankles, podiatrists advise choosing the right footwear for your activity and consulting a professional to be sure your footwear fits properly. Don't underestimate the proper socks, either! Lacing techniques, orthotics, and braces can help protect your feet and ankles, as well. 

If you do sustain a sports injury in your foot or ankle, check in with your podiatrist right away! Many podiatry offices offer emergency appointments for injuries. It's important to have your injury properly diagnosed. While rest, ice, compression, and elevation (or RICE) may be enough to treat a minor sprain, for example, some sprains are much more serious and may require immobilization or event surgical repair. See a podiatrist to get the right diagnosis and treatment plan designed to fit your needs and lifestyle.  

A Word about the Littlest Athletes

Take special care of your young athlete's foot and ankle needs. Be sure their footwear fits properly each season, and pay attention if their behavior changes. Kids can't always communicate an injury, and they may act more tired than usual or be hesitant to participate in their regular activities when they are in pain. Active kids can also develop conditions such as Sever's disease, a painful condition of the heel that results from growth spurts in the bone that outstrip the growth of the surrounding soft tissue.

Foot Pain is Never Normal

The bottom line? Never ignore a sports injury! Foot and ankle pain are not normal, even after a big game or a long run. And ignoring an injury can leave you susceptible to future injuries. If you're in doubt, have your podiatrist check it out! 

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